✅ Are you wishing there was a way you could achieve your ambitious business goals and enjoy your daily life?

✅ Do you feel like you’re holding yourself back from achieving big things because of fear?

✅ Do you wish you could hit your new income goals while doing work you absolutely love?

If you said yes to any of the above…

than the solution is to work with an experienced and passionate Subconscious Mindset & Success Coach who knows the ins and outs of getting your whole being into alignment so that you can achieve you ambitious goals that once seemed like a pipe-dream with ease.

Working with Kai gave me such a breakthrough! First in identifying what was really my limiting belief (it wasn’t what I thought) and realizing that’s why I’ve struggled in the past to grow.

And being guided through releasing that limiting belief has made such an impact and I’ve already raised my prices and I feel great about it!

I’ve realized how much I truly do have to offer in my business.

I truly enjoy working with Kai, she is so helpful.

Nicole VanTassel

Owner of iExploreScience

What it will be like working with me…

During our first call we’ll map out your ambitious goal (ya know that one you’ve been dreaming of and are determined that now’s the time to make it a reality) – and we’ll make it achievable, like so achievable that you can literally start making tangible progress on it TODAY.


On our following sessions (usually held once every two weeks) we’ll use subconscious techniques so that your whole being is in alignment with your goal, and all you feel is ease, support, and certainty.


I’ll also show you how to take these woo and esoteric concepts, and make them tangible, practical and real in your daily life (without spending 5 hours meditating)


Bonus: you’ll also receive a custom-to-you hypnosis to fully embody the version of you who has already achieved your wildest goals so that anything your subconscious was worried about or had resistance to, is a thing of the past.

This is for you if…

→ You’re a CEO, entrepreneur, or business owner

→ you know that now is your time

→ you are ready to become the person who achieves their wildest goals with ease

→ you’re ready to work with EASE and flow

→ you’re no longer willing to settle


This is not the best fit for you if…

→ you aren’t 100% coachable

→ you aren’t all in and totally committed

→ you’re looking for business advice (while I do give some to my clients, my main passion, focus, and expertise is mindset)

→ people who aren’t willing to put in the work

→ people who would rather have excuses than results


A powerhouse, “the sky’s the limit” mindset is inevitable when you understand three things…

How to harness the power of your subconscious mind and align it with your wildest goals.

Unlocking your full potential

(aka who you truly are underneath all that programming)

Uncovering the deep PURPOSE of your life and business and making it front and center in all you do.

Let's talk about how a "sky's the limit" mindset can be your new normal.

Hey, I’m Kai – your mindset & logical manifestation bestie.

Guiding spiritual entrepreneurs through the three pillars above is what I’m passionate about but I also LOOVVVVE doing yoga, playing with my daughter, and watching wild animals roam through our backyard (we’re talking bobcats, coyotes, great blue herons, and beyond).

Currently I work with clients in 2 ways, one-off sessions and 1:1 coaching. Are you ready to fully embrace your wildest goals with ease? Then I invite you to schedule a call. ❤️ 

Become the person who achieves your wildest goals with ease

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