Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve your wildest goals in life and business, without feeling like fear and doubt are your constant backseat drivers?

Let’s talk about how you can easily & quickly break free from self-sabotage ♥️

A powerhouse, “the sky’s the limit” mindset is inevitable when you understand three things…

How to identify what’s actually holding you back and extract it at the subconscious, root, level.

Uncovering who you truly are at a soul level, underneath all that programming.

Discovering and knowing the deep PURPOSE of your life and business.

Let's talk about how a "sky's the limit" mindset can be your new normal.

Hey, I’m Kai – your mindset & logical manifestation bestie.

 Guiding spiritual entrepreneurs through the three pillars above is what I’m passionate about but I also LOOVVVVE doing yoga, playing the guitar, and watching wild animals roam through our backyard (we’re talking exotic birds, coyotes, great blue herons, and beyond).

Currently I work with clients in 2 ways, one-off EFT sessions focused on extracting one specific sabotaging belief, and 1:1 coaching. Are you ready to say goodbye to fear being a backseat driver in your business and fully embrace your wildest goals? Then I invite you to schedule a call. ❤️ 

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