After your little one’s umbilical cord falls off, it’s finally time to graduate from sponge baths to the real deal! However, this can be quite a transition for your little one. Our little girl did not like being in the bathtub, even while in her mesh bath seat. My biggest fear was that she would become afraid of water. I knew we had to act fast.

The solution – bringing her into the shower with us! This is actually a much easier way to clean her, especially while traveling with our little one. It is something you can do solo and doesn’t require placing your little one down. It also provides comfort because your baby is used to being carried in your arms. Since switching from baths to showers with our little girl, she is not upset or afraid of the water anymore and can actually enjoy shower-time!

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What to Wear When you Get in

My biggest fear of bathing my daughter was how slippery she would be. It seemed difficult to imagine holding her in one arm and soaping her up with the other. Wearing my husband’s t-shirt really helped. It was easy to keep her body against mine, as opposed to skin-to-skin, which can get too slippery.

The Best Way to Soap Up

The first time I tried this, the wash was still in the bottle with a cap. Let me tell you, these are not easy to control with a single hand while trying to hold a wet baby in the other. Using this pump bottle has really helped to control the amount of wash and only requires a single hand.

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Be prepared with Everything you Need

There is nothing like getting out of the shower and realizing you forgot to set out a towel for the baby (or yourself). Have everything set up and ready to go if you are washing your little one solo!

We keep the baby wash in the shower, but I make sure to bring over: clean diapers (Huggies snug & dry are the best!), wipes, butt paste, hooded baby towel (this one is the cutest), a regular towel folded in half (my daughter loves to be wrapped up in it to finish drying), pacifier, these super absorbent burp cloths, PJs, and a sleep sack.

Put your Biggest Fear to Rest

Check to make sure your shower has a non-slip floor or put a non-slip mat in. This will help you feel a lot more confident while cleaning your sweet little baby. You may also want to put in a non-slip bath rug on your bathroom floor for getting in and out of the shower.

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Does the Shower Really Matter?

Use a shower stall, if you have one, as opposed to a bathtub with a shower in it if you will be getting out by yourself. Otherwise, you can always bring over a baby bouncer or car seat to put your baby in to get in or out of the tub. The shower at our house is actually just off of our daughter’s room and has a connecting door. I like to place her towel down on the carpet just inside her door and put her down there so she isn’t on the tile at all.

Another great option to have is to use a shower head that you can unhook and direct to gently clean your little one. Here is a great option!

Get a Grip!

This was probably the most confusing part of bringing my little girl into the shower with me. My husband tends to hold her facing his chest, so they are face-to-face in a way. He is able to keep her body against him and it is easier for him to get all her folds and creases.

I like to hold her by my side. To do this, I place one shoulder against my torso and the other against my inner arm. My hand stays firmly on her outer thigh to prevent any slips. I prefer holding her this way so that I can constantly see her face to know how she feels, interact with her, and make sure no water or soap gets in her eyes since the shower water can spray her.

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What are your favorite tips for washing your little one? Share them with us in the comments!

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