Wonder why some coaches seem to be so wealthy they’re on their third international vacay this year, and are still making bank while relaxing on a hammock sipping their fave drink, while others spend years hustling for wealth & abundance never feeling like they’ve “made it“?

Then read every word on this page…

Thanks for the Wealth Mindset Bundle! I LOVE it 🙂

This is literally something I’ve been working on all year.


Can we get real for a second my secretly-wealthy friend? If I took a look at your daily life would I find:

  • Stacks of books on your bookshelf and digital courses on your laptop on wealth and finances less than half finished collecting dust

  • Looking at your bank account and feeling like someone else created that income

  • A journal full of money and wealth blocks you’ve recognized, but just can’t figure out how to move around them


  • Maybe some budgeting worksheets you used with your partner for a month or two before it became too time-consuming and just felt draining and frustrating, and defeating (been there)

  • Or maybe you’ve committed to making a change, and staying on top of your wealth goals and finances, having weekly check ins, watching your bank accounts like a hawk, but it just feels like the numbers and your wealth aren’t changing fast enough

It’s not like you want these things to happen.

 You’ve read the financial books, binged the podcast episodes, take the courses, heck you could give a summit talk on most of it by now

    But I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault.

      You see, those things weren’t built for coaches, like us, whose sense of fun and love for manifestation and mindset and science are the whole reason we want to build wealth in the first place.

      Not because we’re you’re average jane who works a 9-5 and only dreams of enjoying her life when she retires “someday” and forces her to follow restrictive rules like no more lattes 🙄

      Which is why you need a system that works with your subconscious mind, in the background of your everyday life (and yes even while you’re relaxing on a hammock sipping your favorite drink), to rewire your mindset while enjoying life every day, created by someone who gets how your brain (and subconscious) works.


      The Wealth Mindset Bundle

      What’s included:

      • Printable affirmations to keep somewhere your subconscious will see daily specific to common abundance, wealth and money blocks

      • 1-hour subliminal audio to listen any time and anywhere to subtly rewire your subconscious

      • EFT tapping videos to release 10 common money + wealth blocks 

      • BONUS: effortlessly know your net worth daily AND feel great about it

      • BONUS: a daily money mindset checklist

      • BONUS: journal prompts to identify limiting beliefs around wealth

      You can get access to all of this for just $77

      If you’ve ever heard yourself say/think one or more of these, then this bundle was made specifically for you:

      • “Money doesn’t grow on trees”

      • “Wealthy people are greedy”

      • “I don’t deserve to be wealthy”

      • “But I’m not good with money”

      • “But I’m really not wealthy”

      • “it’s better to give than receive”

      • “only hard work earns money”

      • “more money, more problems”

      • “There’s only so much money to go around”

      • “wanting wealth is wrong when others are so poor”

      Why go another day without the support of your subconscious mind to attract massive wealth?

      I’m already noticing a difference, and I love listening to the subliminal in the background while working or driving. I’ve already noticed a shift in just a few hours.

      — Rachel

      Questions smart people ask before getting their login info: 

      But I’m always on the go, I don’t sit at my desk all day every day.

      This is exactly why I’ve made this course available to your phone, as well as on your desktop, and show you within the course how to easily and effortlessly make this a simple, easy, thoughtless part of your routine (don’t worry, just because you aren’t consciously thinking of it, your subconscious is always listening)

      It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.


      But I’ve tried other courses and programs before on wealth, should I still get this?

      The reason they didn’t work is because they were so focused on the conscious actions and forcing yourself to do things that were outside of your “normal.” This course isn’t focused on finances or wealth in that way, but on getting your subconscious mind on board and releasing common money blocks so that you can easily and effortlessly incorporate what you’ve already learned and take easy massive action that feels like a normal day.


      But what if the Wealth Mindset Bundle stinks?

      I stand 100% behind this course and saw the success of my beta students – this bad boy is a use it or don’t buy it type of program.

      Okay, so how do I get the content?

      Awww, that’s cute you think you’re just getting the content. Nope! Every single section comes with a complete video mini-tutorial where I give away even more of my subconscious mindset, and wealth-building manifestation secrets. Plus pointers on how to best utilize each section in your daily life.

      But to answer your original question, this course is housed on Learn – which means after you go ahead and smack up the buy button. You’ll go to your inbox for you log-in and password, or if you’re already a student of mine, you’ll be directed straight to the log-in page. Once you log in, I’ll meet you in the welcome section to congratulate you on making this investment in yourself and your wealth goals.

      Imagine finally getting out of your own way and getting your powerful subconscious mind on board so you can gain the wealth, ease and fun you deserve.

      By purchasing this item you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions and that due to the digital nature of this product refunds will not be given.

      You agree that You understand individual outcomes will vary. Case studies or testimonials are not indicative of typical results. Each individual approaches Our Offering(s) with different backgrounds, disposable income levels, motivation, and other factors that are outside of Our control. Therefore, We cannot guarantee Your success merely upon access or purchase of Our Offering(s) or related material(s).

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