Ok, it’s true, there is no such thing as a Montessori toy. Montessori is a style of learning and leading. This gift guide is based upon basic Montessori principles, all items are made of natural materials, are developmentally appropriate for 12 month – 24 moths, and are open ended. 

This guide also exclusively contains non-toxic products, and was inspired by my search for toy to help encourage my daughter in her Montessori journey without exposing her to harsh, toxic chemicals I had no idea were hiding in so many of the toy she had.

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Musical Toys

Some may debate whether musical toys are aligned with Montessori principles. You won’t find any electronic toys here, but toys with which your little one can control and create music. I think creating music and noise can be a fun and engaging way to hear what your body is doing, and encourage controlled movements.

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills are small movements that use small muscles, like picking up small objects using their fingers, or eating with a spoon. This section includes toys that give your little one the opportunity to practice those fine motor skills, which they will use for eating, and eventually for writing.

Gross Motor

Gross motor skills are the large movements that use big muscles, like walking, jumping, or pounding. This section includes toys that give your little one the opportunity to practice those larger movements in fun ways.

Potty Learning

The sensitive time for toilet leaning is between 12 – 18 months, so this is a great time to start your little one learning about the toilet if they show interest! Starting can be as simple as placing a child size toilet in the bathroom for your little one to discover.

Practical Life

Right around the time, they turn one, they become so interested in chores and tasks we would consider mundane! Preparing a meal, doing the laundry, eating from a table, pouring water, watering plants, they love it all. This is the perfect stage to start introducing more practical life to your little one. This section includes some great items to help to learn practical life on their level.

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