My husband and I find ourselves traveling frequently for his work, sometimes we only have a few hours to pack up and leave, which has been happening even more now after our daughter was born. The first time we went on a four day trip with her, I over packed so much! Many items were never even touched, and it was so difficult to get everything into the hotel and back out while trying to keep a little baby happy. I have since mastered the art of packing quickly, and only including what we truly need and will use.

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  • Clothes
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, etc.)
  • Phone chargers (and any other technology you may need)

Cleaning Baby

  • Diaper bag fully stocked (see my post here)
  • Baby bath (if you travel often, I recommend taking your baby in the shower with you, it is much easier than making sure there is a bathtub in hotel rooms or transporting a baby bath)
  • Baby wash
  • Hooded baby towel
  • Any other bathtime necessities your baby needs

Feeding Baby (related post: how to breastfeed in public)

  • Breast pump parts and bottles (if pumping)
  • Formula and bottles (if formula feeding)
  • Nursing cover (if breastfeeding and choose to use a cover)
  • Any expressed or prepared milk for the trip
  • 1-2 Burp Cloths (this really depends on how much your little one spits up)

Sleeping Baby

  • Portable crib
  • Mat covers (these are my favorite, they are waterproof and dryer safe!)

Clothing Baby (quantities per 2 days/1 night)

  • 20-30 diapers (better too many than too few!)
  • 1-2 pajamas
  • 2-4 onesies
  • 2-3 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of socks

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As our little girl gets older, we may start packing her walker, baby seat, and toys with us, but for now, it has been pretty easy to keep her entertained with the new world around her. What items do you find essential to travel with your little ones? Let us know in the comments!







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