As a wahm running your online biz during naptimes, some days its just hard to find motivation & actually feel productive, amiright?

After a long morning of getting everyone dressed, fed, and ready for the day, its so easy to feel exhausted before you even sit down to work.

And you know what, I think we all feel this way some days, I definitely do ?

So I asked 15 mamapreneurs to share their favorite thing to keep them productive & motivated to grow their biz in the midst of mom-life.

You ready?

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1. Chhavi Agarwal From Mrs Daaku Studio

My business plan notebook. Every time I look inside that notebook, I get pepped up to work and achieve the goals I have mentioned in there. One thing I have learned as a freelance writer for over 2 years (and, a blogger now) is to write down goals. It is when you write down (and break it into smaller goals), you think it through and make plans on achieving it. That notebook reminds me what I stand to loose if I don’t work on the plan. It is because of that notebook I have achieved several milestones in blogging (monetary and non-monetary). It keeps me motivated (knowing what I can achieve) and productive (knowing how to achieve).

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2. Lauren Forsythe From My Favorite Job Title is Mom

A cup of coffee is super helpful when I’m trying to get things done. Ideally it would be a coffee shop drink, but in a pinch a k-cup coffee will do. There is just something about having that coffee to sip on that motivates me to be productive.

3. Toni-Ann From Real Happy Mom

My husband and kids can get pretty demanding on the amount of time they want to spend individually and as a family. I try to race against the clock to get as much done in short blocks of time so that I can give them all the time and attention they need. Putting a timer on when I’m working always helps me to be more productive.

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4. Jennifer Vatthongxay From Pieces of Emerald

My favorite things that help keep me productive and motivated would have to be my children (on good days, haha!), physical planners (not an app), and post it notes with checklists.

5. Suchot Sunday From The Curious Frugal

My paper agenda! Yes I blog and work on a computer but sometimes nothing beats a pen and paper. When creativity hits I jot things down and I especially use the calendar to block off when I’m going to tackle certain blog related tasks. Writing it down helps me “set it and forget it” so I know when I’m going to work on specific projects or posts.

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6. Justina Murphy From Knot to Nest

My intentional goal planner helps break down what can feel like lofty goals into achievable monthly, weekly and daily habits and goals. Seeing progress each month keeps me moving forward!

7. Stephanie From Lavender Sunflower

My baby keeps motivated! As cliche as it sounds, everything I do is for her! I’m motivated to be mindful so that I can fully appreciate every stage of her childhood, motivated to get out of the house more often to give her experiences, and to clean the house so that she has a comfortable space to play and learn!

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8. Nicole Salama From The Professional Mom Project

Nicole Salama of The Professional Mom Project

I love listening to podcasts. I get so inspired and motivated by listening to other people’s stories, how they achieved their success and the steps they took to get there. I tend to listen to mindset and business related podcasts because I find they help motivate me the most.

9. Nicole From Resting Mom Face

Maybe I’m old school, but I love a good list! I’m talking paper and pen. Having a list handy at all times keeps me on track. Once my brain starts to wander, I quickly refer back to my list! I love the thrill of crossing something off my list!

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10. Simone From 11 Years of Nappies

As a mom of 4, I’ve realised that self love and self care is of utmost importance and has become my favourite thing. Once I am taken care of I am able to take care of my kids, my hubby and our home. Because I love myself first unconditionally I am able to just continually pour love into them, it comes so easy.

11. Iryna From Mindful Points

One thing is I put a few sticky notes on my laptop with my main goals and dead-lines. Every time I open it up they motivate and remind me where I need to concentrate. For example, one is to reach 1000 users of my website till the end of this year. Another thing is joining Facebook groups of like-minded individuals, where people discuss blogging as a business and support each other. It is a tremendous motivation! I can’t highlight it hard enough, but I am itching to write and create thanks to such groups!

12. McKinzie Bean From Today Mommy

To stay pumped up when working on my blog I love to rock out to music on Pandora. Some days it is country, some days it is 80’s rock or the broadway tunes – whatever gets me in the zone that day! I feel like having music on keeps me focused and motivated on the task at hand.

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13. Amber From Live Simply Better

Create or join a small (5-8 people) mastermind group! This has been key to my motivation and success. Large Facebook groups are really popular, but joining a small group and creating strong relationships with other bloggers/entrepreneurs has been extremely helpful. When I feel down in the dumps or unmotivated, sometimes an e-mail or Facebook post from one of my mastermind buddies really amps up my energy and motivation. We help each other succeed by supporting each other’s businesses, too!

14. Sarah Garden From Garden Full of Dreams

I love using a simple kitchen timer. It does just one function and won’t distract me like my phone or Ipad. I use it to help me work in timed spurts and this helps me stay focused on my chosen task.

15. Jess Aitken From Her Silver Linings

My ‘page a day’ diary. I find that having my tasks written down on one page makes it easier to focus. It can be overwhelming when looking at EVERYTHING that needs completing, so just working one day at a time definitely helps to keep me motivated, without becoming flustered or starting too many things at once. I feel I’ve achieved something at the end of that day, however small.

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How do you stay motivated & productive? Let me know in the comments.

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