If you are a mama who works from home growing her online biz while raising her babes, you know that time is so valuable! Time can mean getting extra snuggles before bed, helping your babes learn new things, or finally making a home-cooked meal for everyone to enjoy together.

As a mamapreneur myself, I know how important those precious moments with your family are, which is why I am here to help you set up Tailwind right the first time! I want to help you take all of the guess-work & frustration out of learning how to setup Tailwind.

Once you have completed this one-time setup, you can schedule an entire month of Pinterest in just one hour, & get back to making memories with your babes. ?

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First, you will need to create an account on Tailwind, you can get a free trial thru this link.

The One Time Setup

The longest amount of work you have to do is the setup. Once you have this setup taken care of, it should take you about one hour to queue up a month’s worth (or more) of content!

Some of the steps to set up your Pinterest batching will take place on Pinterest (to make batching easier) & some will take place on Tailwind.



Pinterest Setup #1 – Group Boards

For batching, you will definitely need to be on some group boards. Saving pins to group boards is a great way for your content to reach a brand new audience!

I know you may already be on some group boards, but for you to be able to use Tailwind to its full potential, you have got to take some time & review the group boards you are a part of.

Do the Group Boards you join really matter?

You better believe they do!!

The best group boards to join are those that are related to your niche & the topics you frequently focus on. Try to steer clear of the “blog pot group board” or “Etsy Group Board” although don’t feel bad if you have joined any (I am totally guilty of this as well!)

The more niched down the group boards are, the better luck you will have for your pin taking off & even going viral.

Take some time now to review your group boards, & join some new niche-specific boards.

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Pinterest Setup #2 – Dedicated Board

Many of us have a “Best of…” board or a board on our profile dedicated to showing only our own content.

If you don’t already have one, I would recommend you get on it, not only for your followers but to make your scheduling process a breeze!

You may even want to create a hidden or secret board containing all of your pins, with sections to cover each niche or category you cover, similar to the ones you created for your Board Lists you created & the Tribes you joined.

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Tailwind Setup #1 – Free Trial

For the next steps to setup Tailwind, you will need to hop onto your account. If you don’t have one yet, you can start an account with a free trial right here.

Tailwind is my hero. When our family was moving, we lost internet for three weeks. THREE ENTIRE WEEKS OF NO SIGNAL! I was dying & so afraid to see what had happened to my online biz during that time as I was stuck at home with my new little girl.

To my shock, Tailwind had pins scheduled that were bringing me loads of traffic every single day that I had no internet. I literally did nothing, not even post on social media, Tailwind had my back!

It is by far the easiest Pinterest automation tool out there & is the only way I am able to schedule so far in advance in just one hour a month!

Get Your First 100 Pins FREE on Tailwind!



Tailwind Setup #2 – Auto Posting Schedule

After connecting your account, you will want to hop over to Your Schedule & check out the suggested schedule.

You can stick with whatever is there or you can change the number of pins per day & the times that they post to Pinterest.

Pro Tip 1: Pinterest does not care about how many pins are posted per day, Pinterest cares much more about consistency!

Set a schedule you know you can fill once a month with the content you have. (anywhere between 5 – 30 pins per day is great!)

Pro Tip 2: Think about when your audience is most likely to engage. If they work a 9-5 job, you may have better traction at times in the morning before work, during a lunch break, and in the evening after their babes are in bed ?

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Tailwind Setup #3 – Board Lists

Once you have your Tailwind account set up, you are going to head over to Board Lists.

Creating a Board List allows you to easily schedule one pin to an entire list of group boards in one simple click!

There are a few different types of Board Lists you may decide to create.

1. By Category

If you have a consistent theme in the pins you create, you will probably find yourself posting them to the same group boards. Creating a Board List for this category will help you to (1) not spam a group board & potentially get kicked out and (2) help you to loop your posts & distribute them to all relevant boards.

If you are a lifestyle blogger you may have categories on your blog like home, fitness, fashion, etc. & I bet a lot of your pins center around those topics. You would want to join group boards related to those more specific categories. (Think 5 home group boards, 10 fitness group boards, maybe 25 fashion group boards, you get the idea.)

For each one of these categories, you would then create a Board List in Tailwind. One Board List for home, with all 5 group boards related to home. Another Board List for fitness, with all 10 group boards related to fashion. And one more Board List for fashion, with all 25 group boards for fashion.

When it comes time to schedule your fitness pin, all you would need to do is click on the fitness board list & it will schedule to post on all 10 group boards listed on that Board List. How awesome is that?!


2. Boards that Rock Your Content

Ever notice that some boards make your content spread like fire?! The hardest part with that is that you want to capitalize on it, without spamming the group & without skipping that board the next time you have a hot post!

Since we already used it, let’s stick with the lifestyle blog example. Say you notice that some home group boards bring you a lot more traffic than others. When you want a traffic boost, have a new pin, or want to keep a pin going, you want to make sure you are pinning to these boards.

Why not make your life a little bit easier, & simply create a Board List for the Top Home Group Boards!

You can do this for both niched (home group boards) & general (lifestyle group boards) group boards you join.


3. New Content Boards

When you create new content, you may have a particular order you like to schedule them. I have not personally tried this out, because I like to manually pin new content & then loop it in niche specific Board Lists. But if you find a way that works for you, or if you want to test out a new method, creating a new Board List specifically for this is a great way to go!

Pro Tip: When you are pinning brand new content for the first time, always, always, always, post it to niche specific boards on your own Pinterest account first. Since Pinterest is not a person & cannot literally “see” your pin, the first boards it is pinned to tells Pinterest what type of pin it is & what pins it is similar to.


Reminder: Don’t forget to add your OWN boards to this list!



Tailwind Setup #4 – Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are an amazing place to connect with other small online biz mamapreneurs & promote each other’s pins!

There are two main functions of a tribe (1) to add your own pins & have others repin them and (2) to repin other members’ pins & fill your queue with relevant content.

When joining a Tailwind Tribe, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for:

1. Niche Down

When searching for a Tailwind Tribe to join, try to niche down a bit with the content you create pins for often.

If you are a lifestyle blogger, you probably wouldn’t want to join a general sounding board like the Lifestyle Bloggers Tribe, for example. I have no idea if that is even a Tribe, but my point is, get specific. Think about categories like home, fitness, fashion, & search for Tribes related to those categories, or better yet get even more specific!

What about some tribes for fitness for new mamas, or fashion for breastfeeding mamas.

See the difference? ?

2. High Engagement

Once you find a well-niched tribe, check out the activity level.

You want to join tribes that have 4 or 5 activity bars, like the tribes in the image below. This means that members of this tribe submit content & share each other’s content regularly. That is exactly what you want!

3. Repin Rules

Once you see that the Tailwind Tribe has good activity, the final thing to check out is the Tribe rules. These can be viewed straight from the search page, as seen in the image below.

You want to make sure that each & every Tribe you join has a rule about sharing other member’s content.

They may use the words “share ratio” or “reciprocation” but it just means that for each pin you add to the board, you must share other member’s pins.

You want to join Tribes with at least a 1:1 ratio, or even better a 1:2 ratio!

A 1:2 ratio means that for each one pin you add to the Tribe, you must share two pins from other members.

This will help fill your queue, but it also means other members are much more likely to share your pins as well!


Download the checklist now!

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Guess what! You’re all done, can you believe it was so easy?

Now that your Pinterest & Tailwind accounts are optimized, its time to start filling your queue!


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