I see you there mama, growing your online biz while your littles are napping. Staying up long after they have gone to bed at night to get the work done. I know all the late night, early mornings, and lots and lots of coffee. I know how tired you are, & how hard you work. That’s why you deserve to know this insanely simple hack to be more productive.

WARNING: This Will Only Work If You Commit

It’s stupid how simple this productivity hack is, but you gotta be willing to commit.

If you do, this will be one of the best & most powerful decisions you make for the future of your biz.

And guess what, it doesn’t end there. This productivity hack applies across all areas of life, and with anything you procrastinate on.

So decide right now – Are you in?

It Only Takes 5 Seconds

Imagine – in just 5 seconds you could change the outcome of your day. In 5 seconds you decide whether to get to work or to endlessly scroll through Instagram.

Wanna know how to do it? Let’s hear it from the best because she explains it so much better than I ever could – Mel Robbins.

Personally, I modified this productivity hack from Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule because as a tired mama, 5 seconds is just too much time for me to decide to binge watch Friends instead of work.

Find out how many seconds works best for you, maybe it’s 5, or 4, or 3. Find that number & stick to it.

But, Will It Really Work for Me?

I know, I know, working from home with little ones can make any productivity feel impossible. So let’s break down exactly how to make this stupid simple hack work for you.

Know Your Blocks

Getting interrupted all day while you’re trying to work sucks, trust me, I know. In fact, I got so overwhelmed to the point that I just quit trying to work at all when my daughter was awake. I honestly hated being interrupted from my work flow, and what I hated, even more, was not giving my little girl the attention she deserves.

You wanna know what I learned?

I learned that working just 4 hours a day while she naps and after she goes to bed at night, I actually get a lot more done than I ever did working 8 hours a day.

Find the times in your schedule when you can have uninterrupted work, and commit. When those times come up if you find yourself wanting to jump in bed to nap or to open Facebook, use the 5 Second Rule (or 3 Seconds, or however many is right for you) and get to work girl.

You Gotta Have A Plan

So now that you can get to work, why not make the best possible use of your very limited time?

How’s that gonna happen? You gotta know your goals.

Break down your biz goals to the point that you have just 2 goals for that day, and get straight to work on them when your time blocks come up.

Don’t focus on anything else. No checking email, no scrolling through Facebook.

And don’t even think about multitasking.

Focus on achieving those goals until your time block ends.

You Need To Keep Your Brain Clean

Possibly one of the hardest things to do when you’re trying to focus is to keep all of those pesky reminders out of your brain.

If anything important comes up while you’re trying to work, toss it into your Brain Dump so your brain knows it’s safe and that you will get back to it.

Brain Dumps are hands down the easiest way to stop your brain from reminding you of ‘urgent’ things you have forgotten about. Often times they feel urgent because we’ve been meaning to do them, and realize that we forgot, but they actually don’t need to be done right away.

Did you commit? Let me know in the comments.

Let me know if you have any questions about the 5-Second Rule or anything else in this post.

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