Wonder why some coaches seem to be manifesting their goals so quickly and effortlessly, while others spend years making vision boards, saying affirmations, & staying high vibe yet never seem to manifest their most life-changing goals?

Then read every word on this page…

“Thank you for this Masterclass and especially the techniques! This helped me get so specific and particular and see the outcome I truly want. Thank you Kai! This masterclass was really excellent”

— Helen

Can we get real for a second my manifestation-loving friend? If I took a look at your daily life would I find:

  • A half-finished vision board full of things you want to manifest, and also a bit of doubt

  • Maybe forcing yourself to take a few actions that you just know lead to your goal but that feel a bit out of alignment

  • Or maybe a neglected to-do list for your goals you swear you’re going to get started on but between your morning routine, serving your clients, and daily family life you just can’t find the time

It’s not like you want these things to happen.

You’ve read the manifestation books, binged the podcast episodes, taken the courses, heck you could give a ted talk on most of it by now

    But I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault.

      You see, those things weren’t built for coaches, like us, whose sense of fun and love for feminine flow and ease are the whole reason we started intentionally manifesting in the first place.

      Not because we’re super in our masculine 24/7 and trying to force our goal to happen until we burn out.

      Which is why you need a goal-setting system that aligns your subconscious mind, so it’s working toward your goal in the background of your everyday life, created by someone who gets how your brain (and subconscious) works.


      Goal Setting for Logical Manifestors Masterclass

      A masterclass to learn how to set goals that feel so real you can touch them, by following your intuition and highest self, and using techniques backed by years of science and psychology.


      By the end of this masterclass you’ll:

      -> be crystal clear on what you want (the key to manifesting that most people miss)

      -> get your subconscious mind aligned + working *with you*

      -> know your immediate next step in achieving this goal

      -> BONUS: EFT Tapping to release common limiting beliefs

      -> BONUS: printable affirmations to keep where your subconscious will see specific to common goals & aligned action blocks

      -> BONUS: 1-hour subliminal audio to listen any time and anywhere to subtly rewire your subconscious

      You can get access to all of this for just $333

      Why go another day without the support of your subconscious mind to set your manifestation goals?

      “thank you so much! I definitely feel more clear and specific on exactly what I want. I feel like it’s inevitable!”

      — Amber

      Questions smart people ask before getting their login info: 

      But I’m always on the go, I don’t sit at my desk all day every day.

      This is exactly why I’ve made this masterclass available to your phone, as well as on your desktop.

      It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.


      But I’ve tried other courses and programs before on goal setting, should I still get this?

      The reason they didn’t work is because they were so focused on the conscious mind and actions and forcing yourself to do things that were outside of your “normal.” This course isn’t focused on goal setting or manifestation in that way, but on getting your subconscious mind on board so that you can easily and effortlessly incorporate what you’ve already learned and take easy massive action that feels like a normal day.


      But what if the Goal Setting for Logical Manifestors stinks?

      I stand 100% behind this course and saw the success of my beta students – this bad boy is a use it or don’t buy it type of program.

      Okay, so how do I get the content?

      Awww, that’s cute you think you’re just getting the content. Nope! Every single section comes with a complete video mini-tutorial where I give away even more of my subconscious mindset and aligned action manifestation secrets. Plus pointers on how to best utilize each section in your daily life.

      But to answer your original question, this course is housed on Learn – which means after you go ahead and smack up the buy button. You’ll go to your inbox for your log-in and password, or if you’re already a student of mine, you’ll be directed straight to the log-in page. Once you log in, I’ll meet you in the welcome section to congratulate you on making this investment in yourself and your wealth goals.

      Imagine finally getting out of your own way and getting your powerful subconscious mind on board so you can set goals you’ll actually manifest with ease.

      By purchasing this item you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions and that due to the digital nature of this product refunds will not be given.

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