What do you do when you know you need to sit down at your desk to work, but there is this little whisper inside your head saying “you’ve had a long day chasing after your littles, why not just throw on some pjs & binge watch a few more episodes. You can always work later…”

If you’re like any mamapreneur who has ever existed, then at least a few times you have given into that little voice in the back of your head, even though you knew you could have gotten so much work done.

1. Forget Your To Do List

Let’s face it, to-do lists suck.

Honestly, throw your’s out right now.

Jk, you probably aren’t ready for that yet.

But do put it somewhere that you cannot see it, and forgetaboutit.

Forget every single thing on that list.

Yes, really.

Let that mile-long list be a problem another day.

Today, you don’t need to worry about it.

2. Do a Brain Dump

Take a few blank sheets of paper, and get everything out of your head.

All of your biz ideas, anything you want to change, or start, or fix.

Get every nagging thought you have out onto a paper.

Even if its something a general as “start a podcast” and you have no idea where to start or what to do first, that’s totally fine. Just write down your thought no matter how vague or detailed, and move on.

That way when you do sit down to work, you can actually focus instead of hopping from one thing to another.

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    3. Find Your One Goal for Today

    Now that everything is out of your head, think about where you want your biz to go.

    Really think about what you’re biz will look like when you can finally say “I’ve made it.”

    What do you need to do today to get just one step closer?

    Create just one clear goal for the day that you know you can get done.

    Once that goal is done, create another.

    If you only get one goal done today, great! That means you are that much closer to being able to shout “I’ve made it” from the rooftops.

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    4. Clear Your Desk

    I know you have important things on your desk, but let’s face it.

    All that crap on your desk is a major distraction.

    Seeing everything in front of you that you are trying to work on at once can be a bit overwhelming.

    Take everything off your desk, or at least make one pile in the corner and keep all of your papers face down.

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    5. Take 3 Seconds

    Ok, this is gonna sound stupid simple, but trust me, you will be in awe at how well it works.

    You’ve decided to sit down and work. So before your brain even has a chance to change your mind, simply count backwards from 3 – 2 – 1 and just sit down and work.

    Don’t give your brain the opportunity to tell you how comfy the couch is.

    Don’t give yourself time to think about that show you can binge-watch.

    You’ve got work to do.

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    How do you keep yourself motivated when you feel like chilling? Let me know in the comments.

    Also, let me know if you have questions about anything in this post.

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