You’re so close…


Before I can give you The 2 Step Tailwind Setup you MUST:


1. Check your email for a message called “*CONFIRM & DOWNLOAD* The 2-Step Tailwind Setup Now!” from hello@kaihernandez.com

2. Smack the big blue confirmation button in that email. So I know you’re serious about
taking control of your Pinterest batching & that I have the right email address.


Want a little bonus? Click the button below to share & receive access to my Pinterest Group Board Master List!

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Search every nook and cranny of your inbox (including your spam and promotions tab) for “*CONFIRM & DOWNLOAD* The 2-Step Tailwind Setup Now!” if you don’t see it after 5 minutes email me hello@kaihernandez.com asap because sometimes the tech gods get grumpy.

Never let your exhausted head hit the pillow thinking: "What did I do all day?!?!” again

Join The FREE 3-Day Naptime Goal Crusher Challenge & You'll…

  • No longer have to listen to your husband say “All you do is play on your phone & computer all day!”
  • Reignite the passion for your biz that you once had, before getting bogged down with all the shoulda, coulda, woulda's
  • Shut your laptop at the end of the night feeling delighted + satisfied + confident knowing all the important tasks got done without having to stay up late or get up super early
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