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why this father’s day gift gave me buyer’s remorse even though the brand serves an important and noteworthy cause

Jul 7, 2020 | Podcast Episodes


Why this father’s day gift gave me buyer’s remorse even though its an incredible product & serves an important and noteworthy cause

About This Episode

Ok, so I don’t know about you but I am seriously obsessed with  following Meena Harris on Instagram, she is just a powerhouse in every aspect. And she runs this company called Phenomenal Women’s Action Campaign which is all about raising awareness to important issues, especially those affecting women, and funneling proceeds from every purchase to organizations that support women and fight for women’s rights.

BUT, let me tell you how disappointed I was after I clicked purchase.

So here’s what happened…

I was looking for a father’s day gift for my hubby and found the perfect thing – a girl dad sweatshirt from Phenomenal Women.
So I went through their site, hit purchase and was then directed to a confirmation page which had a place for me to add my number to get updates via text.

→ and then I got my confirmation email… now from the brand and who I know Meena Harris to be, I was expecting more than just the generic “thanks for your purchase, we’ll let you know when it ships”

And then…
-I never received that email I was promised saying will notify when ships
-I didn’t receive any text messages from when I entered my number on that page either…

I only actually found out the status of my order because I was curious, hit the “view my order” on the confirmation email and saw it was literally out for delivery now…

Meena and the Phenomenal Women team, I know can do such better work than this.

Here are your takeaways Phenomenal Women

All you have to do is this…
→ Give what was expected (if you tell me I’m going to get email or text notification, make it happen!)
→ Add a more personalized thank you note that’s on brand (especially to reinforce what the cause is and make it super easy for me to tell everyone by giving me that concise sentence)

Here’s what’s missing from the Client Delight™ Framework.

→ Excitement

→ Highlight the direction I am going with you

→ Give me something immediately valuable (that lasts)

→ which ties into what I was promised & what I expected (with the sipping and delivery updates)

Once they have all 8 pieces in place, they’ll be good to go.


This is what I do with my clients, if you want to check it out go to ClientDelightFramework.com

Your Takeaways:

Here’s what you can implement into your business right now:

→ check out that first email clients receive after investing with you… are you giving them a quick one line sentence that they can repeat to others (and even themselves!) on why they invested with you? Can someone easily repeat that sentence when referring others to you?

→ make sure that any promises you are making are truly being fulfilled & that you are meeting expectations (do you promise to send out your scheduler at the beginning of each month to book calls? Are you promising a certain turn around time?)


And you know I love throwing in the biggest takeaway at the end, so here it is:


How clients see you do one thing, is how they think you’ll do everything.

If I see you break promises about shipping notification and delivery updates… What else does that make me think about you and your brand?

Why are text notifications even offered, if the expectation and promise they set can’t be met?


Remember – how clients see you do one thing, is how they think you’ll do everything.

Are you ready to up your retention + referral game?

Download your free checklist to get started right away at clientdelightframework.com


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