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Why it took me six months + visiting a competitor to realize how incredible & unique this brand truly is

Jul 1, 2020 | Podcast Episodes


Why it took me six months + visiting a competitor to realize how incredible & unique this business truly is


Kai Hernandez | The Client Delight™ Expert 

About This Episode

Ok, so if you’ve ever lived in the LA area, I am sure you’ve heard of this incredible nail salon called Olive and June. They are very different from your standard nail salon, they have this incredible pink and bamboo atmosphere and step away from the “salon-tech” and back to the basics, creating an incredibly relaxing and indulgent experience.

BUT, let me take you into the moment that I realized just how much I loved that experience, because it wasn’t until maybe 6 months after… that I actually had that lightbulb turn on…

So here’s what happened…

We had just moved down to San Diego, and I wanted to get my nails done.

I walked over to this nail salon I had gone to when I was in High School, and was immediately seated.

Lots of people talking, pandora playlist going, nail techs talking to each other…

Everything that it had been when I had come in high school, however…

Now my perception, and what I expected out of a nail experience was just so different, because of Olive and June.

Literally on the way home for my nail appointment, I was searching Yelp hoping that there was one in SD and when I discovered that they were exclusive to LA, I was seriously considering driving the 3 hours just to get my nails done there.

So here’s what’s different.

Olive and June
-had to make an appointment
-Only one pedi and one mani station at a time
-very quiet
-curated music
-calming atmosphere
-bamboo chairs, and buckets where the water had to be brought from the back
-being asked my specific preferences, and catering to them like when I actually preferred the water a little warmer
-it was honestly so relaxing and just gave me time to think and like disengage from the world, and just be present and enjoy

Now, disclaimer: that day was a very like loaded day for me. My emotions were high, and it was the day that I really stepped into being the CEO of my business, so I did have some internal distractions going on… (but, this isn’t even a disclaimer because that’s something that normal people can have going on when they walk into the salon anyway)


Olive & June, I know can do such better work than this.

Here are your takeaways Olive & June

All you have to do is this…
→ make it unmistakable to first time clients that they can never go back to the traditional nail salon experience


Here’s what’s missing from the Client Delight™ Framework.

→ Letting me know what to expect from them
→ Highlighting the direction I am going (didn’t realize that I had taken this step to never go back to a traditional nail salon)
→ My next step

Once they have all 8 pieces in place, they’ll be good to go.


This is what I do with my clients, if you want to check it out go to ClientDelightFramework.com

Your Takeaways:

Here’s what you can implement into your business right now:

→ tell your clients how you are different from everyone else in your industry (make this a standard in place so that not a single client misses it)
→ don’t make someone wait to have a crappy experience with someone else to realize *just how incredible* you and your business are
→ highlight the direction they are going by investing with you and make them realize what they are *never* going back to



Are you ready to up your retention + referral game? Download your free checklist to get started right away at clientdelightframework.com



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