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BONUS: Why I’m not upset this brand made what I invested in useless

Jul 1, 2020 | Podcast Episodes


Why I am not upset that this company essentially make a product I invested in and use, useless


Kai Hernandez | The Client Delight™ Expert 

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First, I want to remind you that this is a bonus episode. And while I am committed to promoting businesses that are minority-owned, women-owned or serve a cause, this is not one of those businesses.

However, I did feel that there was a very unique and useful lesson to be gleaned from this experience, and as I fought with myself over whether I should share this, I realized that I could simply frame it as such, give my disclaimer and then share a valuable lesson with you, as I felt it would be a disservice not to.

Ok, so back in the day when I was focused on my Instagram account and wanted to get decent pictures without asking my professional photographer hubby for assistance daily, I invested in the EchoLook.

Over time, it actually became more of a music player in the early mornings for our young daughter while my husband and I were getting ready and she was there playing in the room with us.

Since we moved, it had been sitting in a box unused for many months… and then I got the email. The email that EchoLook was ending.

BUT, let me tell you how excited I was after reading that email, and slightly disappointed (but not for the reason you’re thinking…)

So here’s what happened…

They explained what was happening and why, but what they also did was give me as an adopted of EchoLook essentially a free Echo Show (that I have had my eye on and was actually going to purchase once our new house was done to keep in the kitchen with me to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, etc. while getting meals and snacks ready)

So I jumped at this super no-brainer opportunity to snag something I have had my eye on and just pay the tax, in exchange for no longer being able to use the EchoLook that’s boxed up.

So I am not even mad about that.

However, what *does* concern me, is that now I have this technology product that I have to sustainably get rid of with no clear directions.

I know, that that isn’t exactly what Amazon is about. It’s one of my gripes with the company.

But honestly, it isn’t something that should be literally tossed in the trashcan, so tell me how I can recycle it, or better yet take the opportunity to show that you care about what I care about and offer to recycle it for me! [honestly, if amazon had done that, it would have shifted a lot about my underlying beliefs about amazon as a huge corporation]


Amazon, I know can do such better work than this.

Here are your takeaways Amazon

All you have to do is this…
→ talk about recycling the obsolete product!


Here’s what’s missing from the Client Delight™ Framework.

→ Delivering what is expected
→ guidelines

Once they have all 8 pieces in place, they’ll be good to go.

This is what I do with my clients, if you want to check it out go to ClientDelightFramework.com

Your Takeaways:

Here’s what you can implement into your business right now:

→ businesses grow and change
→ if you are going to remove something, don’t let your clients count it as a loss, but as a gain!
→ and even more than that, address any reservations or new questions created.

I mean literally all that Amazon needed to do to show me that one of my personal core values was supported by them was like a link or just straight up instructions on how to find an electronics recycling place near me. Like that was the minimum I would expect.

If they really wanted to show me that this mattered to them, they could treat it like the other returns, and tell me here’s a place you can go, show them this code, hand over the item, and we will recycle it for you. Like that would have blown me away and shifted a large opinion I have about the company as a whole.

So don’t think that just because you are giving them something free, that it’s enough, because that’s what Amazon did. And while I am glad I have this thing to replace the other item that no longer works…. They had this incredible opportunity to engage with my values, and show every customer who received this email that they care about it, and they didn’t.


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