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You know that friend from back in the day where you could just feel something a little off about them…


They asked to spend time with you or asked about what you were up to hoping to get an invite, and you could just sense that something was up…


That’s because we as human beings are so intuitive, that we can sense and “know” things without even realizing it.


And sure enough, just as our intuition warned us, that “friend” wanted something from us, and gave us nothing in return…


In fact this has happened to so many of us at a young enough age, that likely one (or both) of the following two things happened:


1. You swore to never mix friends and business, that would just make things “too messy”


2. You put up your guard and are super cautious of ANYONE doing something like that fake friend did to you…


Feeling triggered? Then what you read next will serve you.


Here’s the thing.


If we are this person, the one who doesn’t let clients be friends and has their guard waaayyyyy up, then the kinds of clients we get will be exactly the same.


We are receiving exactly what we are looking for.


Say you don’t want to mix friendship and business, your clients won’t be friends, but they may just become major problems for your business, leaving you burnt out, because you ATTRACTED clients who would NOT be your friends (or potentially – not be friendly to you in any way…)


Decide you need to keep your guard way up to protect you from anyone “fake” and, guess what, you may just attract clients who are exactly the same, in fact, you may be struggling to get potential clients to even book a call or sign a contract because they have that exact same fear of anyone “fake” taking advantage of them.


The good news, since this was all chosen by us (usually unconsciously) we have the power to change it.


To change who it is we are attracting into our lives, whether it is in our personal lives, and our business.


Even if you feel like you’ve never had to deal with a fake friend, but you aren’t sure why you aren’t landing perfect-fit soulmate clients, there is something within you that’s attracting them, and it’s time to dig in and uncover it.


I by no means mean any of this in a bad way.


Here’s the thing, we are always being presented with the lesson we need to reach the next level in life we desire, whether that’s $20k months, a waitlist of soulmate clients, or the business income to finally feel ready to bring on your first employee or two.


Realizing when we are attracting something we don’t want opens up the possibilities to seeing and reaching towards what we *do* want.


-sacral has like and dislike while higher chakras have unconditional love
(This is the same chakra responsible for major attracting as well as abundance mindset – this is the spot that will tell you that there are 7 billion people on the planet, there is more than enough for all of us, that money is an unlimited resource)

-it’s ok to have unconditional love for someone and forgive them and then be annoyed or triggered by it again
—> just means need to go thru again at a deeper level

DONT rush forgiveness work

ho’oponopono prayer goes like this:
I’m sorry (to self)
Forgive you/them
Thank you (for the lesson, time, love, all the good that came)
I love you (unconditional place)

Here’s the catch:
Fear of feeling worse (that’s already inside of you)
Example of this morning with back
Feeling inspired to do these stretches, actually loosened it up and made it sooo much better
Don’t allow the fear of making it worse hold you back from making it better

Literally this same chakra that holds on to the grudges, is the same powerful attractor


If you’re ready to do the work and want more personalized direction and guidance and you want someone to work through this with, book a call with me to see if this working together is your next right step.





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