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How this company easily won my loyalty for the next 7+ years and essentially cornered the market

Oct 20, 2020 | Podcast Episodes


How this company easily won my loyalty for the next 7+ years and essentially cornered the market for me

About This EpisOde

On this episode of Delight Your Soulmate Clients, we talk about what this company did so well to make it a no-brainer for me to commit to for the next 7+ years, and how they planted to seed without me even realizing it!

So this episode is going to be a little interesting because it actually isn’t about just one brand, but two, and how they fit together so perfectly and just made this incredible combination.

Okay so full disclosure I have been going to this company for years but I never thought that I would go to them for this. This company is just so good at serving their clients that after I had this one first experience that just like happened on a whim, it was a no-brainer for them to easily win my loyalty for the next like 7 plus years. Like I don’t see why I would ever go anywhere else after this experience.


AND, let me tell you how delighted I was after purchasing baby shoes for the very first time at Nordstrom

So here’s what happened…

→ my daughter just started walking a little bit before this this was maybe I want to say a year-and-a-half ago maybe a little more like two years ago because she’s almost three

→ and I knew that it was really time for her to have something on her feet so she could walk when we were outside because she was getting to that point of like “I want to walk, let me walk”

→ and so my mom happened to be visiting that day and we had gone out to lunch at Nordstrom and she mentioned but we were there oh like we can just go look at the baby shoe section

→ and I had been kind of holding off on getting shoes because I didn’t know all the information but I knew that was really important in terms of how kids feet grow the shoes that go on their feet and how they would support them and get the room and all the details I was just like I don’t have enough information and that’s my super type 1 Enneagram type showing through

→ but we went over and we had to look and I actually like voiced my concerns a little bit to the associate who is helping asked and she brought out the perfect brand that is like recommended by child children’s podiatrist which is like the foot doctor

→ It actually has a certification on it that it was accepted by American podiatric Medical Association

→ It was like the first thing that they did so well and then the second thing that they did really well was for some of course they had her try it on and she got all excited about it right because she was like oh I have these new shoes on now I can walk and she was like just over 12 months so obviously she’s not like saying these words but you can totally tell with kids when they’re excited like their whole body is just like “ah!”

→ And then what happened next was that as we were talking about I believe she brought out two different types of shoes I had my daughter just choose the one that she wanted they were both the same brand called See Kai Run which I think is hilarious and I always remember it because my name is Kai

→ they also advised that of a when to know when they’re like ready for the next size so they did put a little surprising thing in the right upper split and they were super understanding obviously that it’s hard to get her to like they sell because she’s like a year old and then they told us they made sure they were the right size for after we did get her foot inside and then they advised us as to how to know that they’re ready for the next size like I should be able to take my thumb and put it there should be a space enough for my thumb from the edge of the shoe that like the toe area until her toe so once they get too close to the edge of the the toe area I’m you actually need to go like the next size up or so

→ and then the last thing after we completed our purchase they had me write down my address and they actually ended up sending something in the mail

→ and then since it was our very first time purchase and shoes for my daughter they actually brought out to give they brought out this balloon that my daughter just like love right away she never been around a balloon before he’s just like us with it for the few days that it lasted and stayed floating and then they also brought out this little stuffed animal and she still has it to this day actually checked on the tag and it said it was like suitable from birth because I’m one of those obnoxious parents who like “this needs to be the the safest possible thing for my child” so I always check for safety, and to this day but like almost two years later she still has that in her collection on her bed that she likes sleeps with and we call it and Nordy all the time and like she’ll say her “Nordy this” and “Nordy that”

→ and so three months later right after we had purchased her new shoes because I had learned how to check that you taught me right how to check for when she the new shoes and so I had just purchased her the next size up shoes and we get a postcard in the mail that was so cute and it was like hey it was great to meet you I just want to let you know that this is around the time that you’ll be like getting a new that you might need to be getting a new shoe size so keep an eye on that if you harm in checking and like would be happy to have you come back in and help serve you essentially


Here’s the breakdown of what Nordstrom did so well

Here are your takeaways from Nordstrom:

Here’s what they did so well…

→ heard my concerns/questions and came back with the perfect solution (wouldn’t have gotten that kind of attention anywhere else)
→ made my daughter part of the process (co-creation)
→ taught me how to know when it’s time to come back
→ surprise and delight with the gift (balloon was super exciting, but short-term, Nordy is in it for the long-haul)
→ postcard in the mail inviting us back (kind & a reminder) a personal relationship


Here’s what they got right from the Client Delight™ Framework.

→ delivered what I expected & what was promised
→ excitement
→ let me know what to expect from them
→ identified what they expected from me
→ guidelines
→ highlighting the direction I am going
→ gave a next step of immediate value

This is the first experience I have shared that met all eight points of the framework, it does not happen often!


This is what I do with my clients, if you want to check it out go to ClientDelightFramework.com

Your Takeaways:

Here’s what you can implement into your business right now:

→ really viewed this as a relationship, clients are relationships!

→ as yourself: how can you add personal touches to your client journey?

→ doesn’t have to be complicated, from this experience you can see how they:
-Listened to my concerts and just presented one brand with two options
-Let my daughter have a choice
-Let me know when to come back (knowledge I didn’t have before)
-Sent me a personalized card in the mail reminding me at the time I would need to check her shoes
-Gave a long-term gift that my daughter loves to this day, plus a short-term exciting gift

Think about this, I could literally go anywhere in the world to buy this brand that I love, but I don’t. In fact the thought didn’t even occur to me until I started to think about doing this episode. Why? Because of the relationship that was built during this experience, and that’s reinforced anytime we go in to get my daughter her next pair of shoes. They taught me how to even check when she needs the next size, they brought the perfect brand to me, why would I go anywhere else?


*That’s* the feeling, the experience, the relationship you want to build with your soulmate clients.



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