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Why support tickets, are your golden ticket – if you know what to do with them

Aug 18, 2020 | Podcast Episodes


What being accidentally billed more than 2x the original rate cost.

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Ok, I know I’m not the only person this has ever happened to where you look at your bank account and you’re just like WTF is this charge? When did I spend that amount? Did someone jack my credit card?

BUT, let me tell you how disappointed I was after someone I worked with accidentally charged my business card like 3x the original rate

So here’s what happened…

Ok, now let me start this by saying that there were two separate instances a few months apart.

So about a year ago I signed up for a course, to make it affordable instead of a one time payment. They also offered a lower price point split up over drumroll 12 months!

Now, I have to say that honestly, that alone was kind of annoying. Obviously I knew what I was getting into, but any time that I stopped using it or changed my interest to focus on something else (I’m a manifesting generator in human design so I’m kinda all over the place) I was like “what a waste” every time I saw the charge because it was a reminder.

Then, I change business bank accounts, like 9 months after signing up. I go into the course backend of my account and change my card info. So of course I assume that the charges will now be made to my new card that I entered into the account.

SPOILER: It charged my old card with my old account! I then have to contact the business owner (no help email) and tell her this problem. She then manually switches so that all future payments will go to the new card information that I entered.

[that was headache #1]

I then get an email the next month that my charge on the new card didn’t go thru on their end (but it did go thru on my end, which I show it’s still process in bank, to which she says “thanks” 🤨because it took time out of my day and it felt like that didn’t matter to them, it wasn’t even acknowledge)

[that was headache #2]
Then at the 12 month mark, I go into my bank account and see that I am being charged more than double the monthly rate and another random charge for a few cents. And on top of being annoyed and now I have to reach out to the business owner again, she then cancels both and charges the final amount.

[this was headache #3]

Then because the cancelled charges were still “processing” and there is that new charge for the actual right amount, I get charged an overdraft fee so then I have to call my bank and get that corrected….

[this was headache #4]

Now, I am all for understanding that systems do weird things. But the fact that it kept happening to me multiple times, when I wasn’t even reaping the newness of the benefits that I invested in, it was more of a burden. And it didn’t even feel like anything was being done on the other end to correct these things that happened to me or to anyone else in the future.

So how can I refer anyone else knowing that these things could happen to them? And I’m certainly not doing a payment plan or likely ever investing with them again because
1. I really don’t want to go through that again and 2. It didn’t feel like they *cared* that that kept happening to me (they really didn’t express any care that this *kept* happening over like a 3 month time period)


I know that this company can do such better work than this.

Here are their takeaways:

All they have to do is this…

→ Whenever things like this happen, they need to express and really show that they care
→ They need to actively look at what happened & why and take steps to prevent it from ever happening again
→ Leave a help or support email address somewhere accessible
→ If there is an option to update card info, it *needs* to work automatically


Here’s what’s missing from the Client Delight™ Framework.

→ What I expected & what I was promised
→ the Excitement
→ Guidelines

Once they have all 8 pieces in place, they’ll be good to go.


This is what I do with my clients, if you want to check it out go to ClientDelightFramework.com

Your Takeaways:

Here’s what you can implement into your business right now:

When support requests or tickets come up:
1. Ensure you are infusing & expressing empathy and care and thank them for bringing this to your attention
2. Address the root issue
3. See how you can ensure that it never happens again



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