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How this company took me from cold lead to raving fan & loyal customer in a just a few days

Aug 4, 2020 | Podcast Episodes


How this template shop immediately made me a raving fan + loyal customer

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This​​ post ​​contains​​ affiliate​​ links.​​ But,​​ I​​ was​​ going ​​to ​​recommend​​ them​​ anyway, so ​​I ​​may​​ as​​well ​​get​​ paid ​​for ​​it! Read full disclosure policy here.

Ok, so I know you’ve likely heard about the Contract Shop before whether you’ve used it yourself, heard it reference, or just seen one of their ads.

If you want to checkout their website, you can click my affiliate link The Contract Shop here.

AND, let me tell you how blown away I was after I went to implement their template into my business.

So here’s what happened…

So it has been quite some time since I updated (or even had legit terms & conditions on my website) when I first started out in entrepreneurship I was blogging, so my site’s terms & conditions were not on point for being a service provider.

So I saw an ad for The Contract Shop (affiliate link) and it rang a bell because I have heard well-known entrepreneurs reference them before.

Then I saw on their site that they would be having a sale, and I was just like…. It felt like so in alignment with where I was.

So I went ahead and when the sale hit I got the terms & conditions template.

Fast Forward to getting the packet:
→ download came with multiple files, one explaining how to use the multiple colors (because she has like fields where you add your info and she also has notes for you to read to know if certain ones are necessary or not)
→ also comes with an online course
→ literally walks you through what each and every policy and legit what the word means (written in plain English, but the legal reasoning behind them and why they are important or why they may be necessary to you are important)
→ someone could literally email me today asking about a certain aspect of it, and I could respond back like I a pro

I was disappointed that there was no earning disclaimer or any verbiage around that, so I emailed and they do actually have more options for terms & conditions that do have that language!

I was ready to spend time pulling some language out from a contract and just adapting it.

Email support helped me to give me a coupon code to just pay the difference in price & I quickly got back on track with the new template.

So their support is SPECTACULAR!


Need to do a better job of highlighting that there ARE different options, because I literally didn’t know that this other one existed (and there are even more terms & conditions templates than just those 2)


The Contract Shop & Christina, I know you can do such better work than this.

Here are your takeaways The Contract Shop:

All you have to do is this…

→ Show me that there is more than one option, in a simple & understandable way and help me to easily determine which is right for me


Here’s what’s missing from the Client Delight™ Framework.

→ What I expected

Once they have all 8 pieces in place, they’ll be good to go.


This is what I do with my clients, if you want to check it out go to ClientDelightFramework.com

Your Takeaways:

Here’s what you can implement into your business right now:

→ Get really clear on what your clients are expecting. I have zero doubt that I am the only one who has done this exact thing with TCS terms and conditions, if they had been paying attention to this divergence between what I was expecting and what I received, they would have already put something in place to easily educated and lead their buyers down the right path.
→ Any feedback, especially things you keep hearing over and over, you NEED to do something about it proactively. It can save your clients, your team, and you hours of headaches and support tickets.



 Are you ready to up your retention + referral game?

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