The day is winding down.

Your littles are in bed, you’re finishing up work before you close your laptop.

It feels like the last thing you wanna do right now is to think about tomorrow.

You just wanna be done so you can finally have some time to yourself, relax, and maybe binge-watch Friends, after a long day of mom-ing and growing your online biz during naptimes, amiright?

I totally hear that, and am right there with you. But I also wanna share with you how just taking an extra 5 – 10 minutes can change the game. Are you ready?

Clear Off Your Desk

Take a look at your desk right now. I don’t mean to look down, but actually step away and look from a distance.

Are there papers & post-its everywhere?

How much open space is there to work?

Does your desk make you feel productive?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were shocked by the current state of your desk. Once we put something down or make a note of something important, we wanna keep it close by to remind us, right?

But what happens when we have like 20 things that we do that will? A whole desk of crap is what happens.

And you know what happens when your desk is covered, it changes the way you work. A cluttered desk, really leads to a cluttered mind. And that will kill your focus really quickly.

Right now, take everything off of the main area of your desk and organize it into a few piles.

Avoid making one giant pile claiming it’s a to-do pile, it isn’t. When is the last time you actually did anything in that pile? Exactly.

If its an idea or a to-do that you aren’t ready to take on just yet, throw it into a Brain Dump (we’ll get to that next.)

If its an important doc, file it.

If it’s actually urgent, throw it into your daily goals.

Anything that needs to be tossed, do it now.

Remember, if you do this every night, your pile will be almost non-existent. The hardest times to do this are when you’re just starting, or when you’ve been avoiding it.

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Brain Dump

All those creative thoughts and ideas that keep flashing through your brain, you gotta get them out so they stop distracting you.

Take your Brain Dump pages, and put one on each sheet, leaving room to expand and add details as they come.

Your Brain Dump is a safe place to keep ideas, reminders, to-do lists, etc. that you aren’t ready to work on yet. Your brain will finally stop nagging you because it trusts that you will come back to your brain dump.

Good bye to all of those nights you remembered something super important just as you were shutting your eyes to fall asleep.

And while you’re at it, add any other reminders you brain keeps thinking of.

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Review Calendar

Take a look at your monthly content calendar.

What’s coming up next?

Is everything going live this next week finalized?

Is there anything that needs to be finished this week?

If it’s close to the end of the month, start laying the ground work for next month, or if you’re big on planning, get your calendars ready for two months out.

Know Your Daily 2

As mamapreneurs we have so little time to work, which means the time we do have to work is so much more valuable.

Take a look at your biz goals, and determine what your two goals are for tomorrow to get your biz closer to your ultimate goals.

Let these two goals marinate in your brain as you sleep and go about your day tomorrow. Don’t try to actively think of anything, just let them sit in your subconscious and let your brain work behind the scenes.

When you do sit down to work, you may be surprised at the great idea you didn’t know you had come up with. ?

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How do you end your work day? Let me know in the comments.

Also, let me know if you have any questions about anything in this post.

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