So you wanna start a online biz, or maybe you’ve already got one, but you’re ready to up your game. Creating better goals is by far the best way to start running your biz on your terms, and to stop your biz from running in its own direction. But before you can have goals, you gotta dream it up.

So often at the beginning, I found myself always playing catch-up. I wanted so badly to have a successful biz, but It felt like I was lagging behind well-established biz owners. I always wanted to be on their level… even though I was completely new. And you know what, nothing I did was ever enough, because my biz just wasn’t on the same page as theirs. My biz had a different dream altogether.

When we start out, I think it can be really hard to see that far forward. We live in the here-and-now. We want for our biz, what we see other people doing. But no amount of effort, motivation, or good intentions will make what other people are doing the best fit for your biz.

The dream you have for your biz is unique. It’s not like anyone else’s. So don’t do what they do, because at best – you will always come second at achieving someone else’s dream.

So, let’s figure out where your “I’ve made it” biz is actually headed, and figure out how the heck to get there, instead of tailgating someone else’s dream. Ready to get back in the driver’s seat?

Dream Big

As someone who bases so much on life on what’s practical, this was something that just did not come naturally to me. In fact, if it wasn’t for my daughter, I never would have taken the plunge into running my own biz, because it just didn’t seem possible.

But this task, Dreaming Big, is the single most important thing for your biz. If nothing else, you need to know where the heck you want this biz to do. Otherwise you’ll end up going in circles trying to catch up quickly, based on the latest thing everyone else spent months planning & tailoring specifically for their biz.

Think about where you would want your biz to be when you can finally say “I’ve made it!”

  • What does that look like?
  • How does it function?
  • Will some tasks be automated?
  • What tasks cannot be automated?
  • Do you have a team?
  • An online store?
  • What is your income source?

Consider the Operation

Now that you know where you want to end up, it’s time to think a bit about how it will all function practically.


Let’s be real. You don’t have eight hours a day to sit behind your desk and work. You have got little ones to chase after, laundry to fold, meals to cook, need I go on?

One of the best things to do early on is to set yourself up with some automation to help your biz run. Whether its social media marketing, email marketing, or blog posts. Automate as much as you can. You never know when you will need to take a sick day.

List out the tasks you want to have automated once you’ve made it. If you do any of those now, look into automating them sooner rather than later. Are there any tasks you don’t do now, but could start? Why not!

This will not only allow you to get familiar with the automation platform, but it will also allow you time to create a clear strategy ahead of time, grow and engage your audience, & give you more time to crush your goals.

Order Fulfillment

If your dream is to have a biz that runs it’s self, its best to stick to those order fulfillment principles right from the start.

Got digital products, figure out the best way to deliver them to your customer & stick with it. Even if the products are free! This will allow them to get familiar with the system & know what to expect.

It will also save you time from transferring everything over to a new platform, researching differences, learning the platform, and helping your audience to transition over.

Foundation of Your Biz

Now it’s time to lay the foundation for your “I’ve made it” biz, so get in that headspace & go!

Take out a sheet of paper, or just open a Google doc & answer the following:

What is the purpose of your biz?

What value do you provide?

Who is your ideal audience?

What are the fundamental beliefs of your biz?

Who does your biz serve? (You you get stuck, try using “I help ________ to ________ by ________” & explain why you are passionate about serving them.)

But How Do I Get There?

I know it can be tough envisioning your dreams, and then coming back down to see where you are currently at. And you know what the answer is? Don’t.

Don’t come back down from that headspace. Envision your “I’ve made it” biz & think like you’re already there. 

Does your “I’ve made it” biz have social media posts going out on the reg? Make it happen.

Does your “I’ve made it” biz have consistent content being published on set days? Do it!

Start implementing new ideas to make your “I’ve made it” biz a reality, everything else, forget it.

‘Cause guess what – you’ve got this!

Ready to Start?

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