Let’s face it, as a mamapreneur raising your little ones & hustling your online biz while they nap, you don’t have a second to waste.

I know, I know, our best ideas come when we are just doing our mom-life thing, and it can feel like an incredible lightbulb went off.

But before you do any work on this new idea, or anything in your biz, you gotta make sure its worth your time, because let’s face it, you don’t have any to spare.

Biz Goals

First, and foremost, you have to check in with your biz goals.

You know, those big dreams you have for where your biz is headed, and how it’s gonna get there.

I know you’ve got a lot of bomb ideas, but before you start acting on them, or even go down the rabbit hole googling how to make it possible, you have to check in with your biz goals.

Check in with your bigger goals, but also your 1-year goals, and your quarterly goals and make sure its a good fit for what you have coming up.

Need help planning out your biz goals? Grab the printable Goal Crusher biz planner here.

The last thing you want to do is spend time creating something, even something amazing, for your biz that just doesn’t get it any closer to your end goal.

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Ok, so we know the task is in line with your biz goals, but does it go hand in hand with everything else going on in your biz right now?

Does it built upon what you have already established as the foundation of your biz?

Think about the end destination you have for your audience. Is it sales? Awareness? Subscribers?

How does this task help to bring people to the end destination you want?

Is there anything that needs to be done before this task can lead to your desired outcome?

For example, if you want to bring your Instagram followers and have them join your email list, before promoting it there you would need an offer, set up the landing page, write the welcome email/sequence, etc.

Does it help raise brand awareness? Will it help turn viewers into customers? 

Create a strategy plan and see how it can best support your main biz goals.

Also, don’t be afraid to try something out that you haven’t seen other people do. The goal of your biz, and the way you lead your audience to your desired destination is unique.

If it’s not a priority, throw it into your Brain Dump so you don’t have to worry about losing your idea, and you can always come back to it later.

Can Ya’ Batch It?

Alright, here’s the last step you wanna consider if something is in line with your biz goals, and it is a priority.

Is this a one & done kinda task, or does it repeat?

Think about how often you do, or would like to do, this task.

Do you find yourself repeating the same process over & over? Like creating a post for Instagram every.single.day.

Instead of wasting time repeating the same process multiple times & losing your work flow,  why not set a day once a month and knock several of them out?

Batching will save you loads of time, and better yet it can boost your creativity because you’re working on one after the other so you can really get into the flow.

For Instagram think of batching like taking a week’s worth of images, or better yet a month’s worth, the next day you edit, then write captions, find hashtags, etc. And at the end, you schedule it so you don’t have to worry about thinking of something to post and going thru the whole process for another week, or better yet, another month.

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Are you working on things that are truly worth your time? Let me know in the comments.

Also let me know if you have questions about anything in this post.

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