Do you feel like you spend hours on Pinterest, yet you still aren’t getting the traffic you deserve?

Learn how to spend just one hour per month strategically scheduling your pins for buckets of traffic, so you can get back to giving snuggles & playing peek-a-boo without worrying about your starts.



Introducing the

Batch Your Biz – Pinterest course

Batch your Pins for the Entire Month, in Just One Hour

In this course you will learn how to:

  • spend one hour a month optimizing & automating your pins
  • take the guess-work out of what should be promoted more & what stinks worse than dirty diapers
  • find people who love sharing your content for free
  • be easily found by your ideal audience
  • make Pinterest give you ?
  • get boat-loads of traffic on autopilot while you play with your little one

One year ago, I was exactly where you are.

I was opening my Pinterest app every naptime to try to promote my biz, creating new pins every day, trying to tell what was bringing in traffic so I could boost it more.

Every moment that was not spent on my little girl, was spent on Pinterest, trying to figure it all out.

And it was draining. After weeks of little to show for all of that work, I was ready to give up.

Then one night, when I couldn’t sleep between feedings, I came up with a brand new strategy and decided to give it one last try.

Much to my surprise, just one hour of using my new strategy increased my traffic to my brand new blog. I got thousands of views, even on brand new posts, & *gasp* even made my first affiliate sales (which just kept coming!)


The best part: This new strategy took so much less time & energy!

After months of optimizing this strategy, I’m ready to share it with you, so that you can get your time back.

Are you ready to spend just one hour a month on Pinterest & get back to growing your biz & playing with your little ones?


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Wanna know exactly what we are gonna cover:

Module 1 – How to finally be found in the Pinterest forest

Your biz is unique, so your Pinterest strategy should be too. Learn what you have been missing on Pinterest to be found by your audience & how to update it today.

Module 2 – How to get Pinterest to promote your pins for you

How to optimize your entire profile to be found in by your audience & in search.

Module 3 – Walk a Mile in Pinterest’s Shoes’

Learn how to view your pins & pinning strategy thru the eyes of the algorithm.

Module 4 – How to Sail thru setting up Tailwind (the right way)

We go step-by-step optimizing Tailwind to meet the needs of your biz & your audience!

Module 5 – Be an Instant Success in Tailwind Tribes

From finding the right Tribes for your niche to getting your content shared by others, I will show you how to skip all the guess-work & get straight to success.

Module 6 – How to Batch in One Hour per Month to get the Best Results while you’re snuggling your little ones

I will take you step-by-step thru my proven method of monthly batching, so that just this one-hour of time each month can lead to boat-loads of traffic on autopilot.

Module 7 – Know Exactly Where Your Pin Fell Flat

Learn how to easily understand your Pinterest stats & know exactly what needs to be done to improve your pin.

Module 8 – See Which Group Boards & Pins are doing the Heavy Lifting

Master Tailwind stats to see which group boards & pins are pulling traffic, so you can optimize them into your schedule & while ones stink more than the dirty diapers.

Module 9 – Getting the Most out of Tribes

See which Tribes are working for you, which aren’t, & what how to turn your content around before searching for a replacement Tribe.


Disappearing Bonuses:

Bonus #1 – snag this 1:1 weekly 30 min Q & A call to cover anything Pinterest & batching related via Zoom for the duration of this course

Bonus #2 – get a Pinterest profile audit with 5 next steps for you to take for immediate optimization


My Worry-Free Guarantee:

1. If you aren’t happy with this course, you can receive a complete refund within 30-days of purchase.

2. If you are struggling with this course, please reach out to me via email any time!