Possibly the most difficult aspect of working from home, is actually being able to work from home, amiright? So much is going on every day, your little ones keep growing and learn new things every day, they hit new milestones before you know it, and of course, they want to show you everything!

You love spending time with your little ones, its why you became a wahm after all and started your online biz.

How to Hit the Ground Running at Nap Time

The worst thing to do, is to not have a game plan. For me, if I don’t know exactly what I need to work on once my little girl falls asleep, I get caught up checking social media, and responding to emails.

1. Goal Setting

How awesome would it be if you knew exactly what had to be done next to really push your biz forward in that small window of nap time? What if there was an easy way to avoid drowning in the sea of social media. All of the likes, comments, and funny memes, when you should actually be writing a new blog post?

The secret, already having a game plan. Already having the long-term thinking done. Knowing exactly what two things you need to get done today to achieve your long-term dreams for your online biz.

No, I’m not talking about choosing two things to do today that seem important. Or doing something that has been on your to-do list forever.

I am talking about two tasks that you have broken down from your dream future, that will propel your biz forward in that small nap time window you have.

2. Time Batching

Once I started time batching, everything started to fall into place. With little ones, we really don’t have a lot of time to work.

However, we do usually have a few blocks of hours during the day where we have time to ourselves. Time batching takes these blocks of time, and uses them in the more productive ways!

Once you are in the groove of batching something, it is amazing how much work you can knock out. How much time it can save you by batching work for multiple days in one short time block while your little ones are napping.

3. The 3-Second Rule

Possibly the biggest challenge we will ever face as mamapreneurs is that moment when you finally get your little ones down and all you want to do is kick your feet up and binge watch Friends. Even though you know there is work that needs to get done…

The best way to combat this – not even giving your mind the chance to draw you away.

After I learned this trick from Mel Robbins, the second my daughter is sleeping, I count down and get to work. I don’t let my mind wander. I don’t let Netflix draw me in. I count down 3 – 2 – 1, and I work!

What is the best trick you’ve learned to crush your goals during nap time?


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