If you’ve got your dream car, you’re waking up day after day to PayPal notifications + DMs full of people wondering when your next group coaching program opens, BUTTTT you still haven’t opened investment accounts, set up a trust fund, or found a tax advisor   (even though it’s been on your to-do list for 3 years)

Then keep scrolling…


Can I be honest with you for a sec my friend, if I took a peek at your office would I find…

  • Stacks of highest-rated and recommended books about the stock market, real estate, and teaching kids about money collecting dust 📚

  • An old forgotten list hidden behind your desk full of questions for your CPA about things like 529 plans and investment accounts that you still haven’t asked…

  • A cute stack of Target journals full of visualizations and scripting of your most luxurious life that still feels just out of reach


  • A reminder from 2 years ago to set up a trust fund for your 4-year-old so they could afford even Harvard medical school while focusing on their class + the college experience 🎓


  • Maybe even some spreadsheets and wealth trackers that you got into at one point, but just lost your momentum

It’s not like you want these things to happen.

 You’ve watched the youtube videos, listened to all the financial podcasts in the carpool pick up line, and spent hours on your money beliefs, heck you could give a summit talk on most of it by now

    But I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault.

      The truth is that while you started your business because you’re passionate about helping people and making a difference in the world, no one ever really taught you about taxes, estates, and trusts

      (or if they did it was probably about how it’s only for those greedy rich snobs)


      The thing is, you’re brilliant, you know you can figure it all out

      And you’ve also realized that you’re ready for the support + get there even faster

      Which is why you need a system that’s focused on what’s going on beneath the surface + can support you in catapulting forward set up by someone who understands the energetic and subconscious layers of building generational wealth beyond your grandparent’s wildest dreams.


      The 7 Figure Wealth Accelerator (7FWA) 1:1 private coaching is exactly that:


      A 12-week program guiding 6+ figure coaches to turn business profit into personal 7 figure generational wealth.

      I came to Kai to work on my self sabotaging beliefs. She guided me with compassion and care to a deeper rooted belief I didn’t fully understand or knew existed.

      Kai patiently showed me how to work through my limiting beliefs and gave me tools that I could use. I noticed a shift with this belief in such a short time period and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work through it.

      I highly recommend Kai, such an impact and a pleasure to work with.

      Nikki Ahow

      Life Coach & Business Coach


      After your 12 weeks in the 7 Figure Wealth Accelerator private 1:1 program, you’ll:

      → confidently steward an abundance of wealth from a place of ease + alignment

      → have a healthy stock portfolio that continues to grow effortlessly

      → have aligned financial accounts open for your kid(s)

      → build lasting wealth while spending extravagantly on your joys

      → embody and normalize the mindset + habits of the 7FW-you

      → have established wealth building habits that feel so effortless and joyful

      → confidently know that you’re modeling + instilling positive money mindset and skills to your family

      → have a solid foundation + know that multi-generational wealth is all but inevitable

      How we’re gonna get there (what’s included):

      • Nine transformational coaching calls where you’ll be fully supported so you can build and manage multi-generational wealth 

      • Voxer access so you can progress at a faster pace and reach your goals quicker

      • 1 Personalized Million Dollar Hypnosis so you can consistently get into the vibration of your desired income and embody 7FW you (Value $1,111)

      In the 7FWA I guide you through the PROSPER Process:


      P - Prepare

      Prepare + expand your energetic threshold for abundance

      R - Rewire

      Rewire your foundational wealth + money paradigms

      O - Own

      Own + commit to building generational wealth

      S - Stewardship

      Step into your stewardship of wealth with confidence

      P - Powerful Sustainable success

      Powerfully rewire your identity for sustainable success

      E - Embody

      Embody, upgrade + lock in your new level of wealth

      R - Release

      Release previous financial choices + energetic money cycles


      ✔️ Ready to transfer those incredible business skills over to building wealth

      ✔️ Believes in the energetics and manifestation

      ✔️ Ready to make choices for her future self

      ✔️ Ready to go from holding money to building generational wealth

      ✔️ Has the time to dedicate to coaching calls and doing the work

      ✔️ Someone who knows that there is no failure, only feedback 



      X Someone who is just looking for financial strategy

      X Not interested in putting in the energetic work

      X Just wants to make more money

      X Someone focused solely on living it up in the now and not leaving a legacy of wealth

      X Someone looking for a get-rich-quick strategy

      X Someone expecting perfection on day 1


      Imagine taking your extended family on an annual all-paid vacay knowing that you’re still making bank even while you’re sipping mocktails by the beach

      Working with Kai gave me such a breakthrough! First in identifying what was really my limiting belief (it wasn’t what I thought) and realizing that’s why I’ve struggled in the past to grow.

      And being guided through releasing that limiting belief has made such an impact and I’ve already raised my prices and I feel great about it!

      I’ve realized how much I truly do have to offer in my business.

      I truly enjoy working with Kai, she is so helpful.

      Nicole VanTassel

      Owner of iExploreScience

      You’ve worked so hard for your money, it’s time to let your money start working hard for you and for generations to come

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