To all my coaches who’ve hit six figures…

Who’ve bought their dream car, who’re waking up day after day to PayPal notifications + DMs full of people wondering when your next group coaching program opens, BUTTTT you still don’t have your investment accounts + trust funds set up (even though it’s been on your to-do list for 3 years)… then I’ve got a question for you…

What’s the difference between being sending your kids to private school, maybe hiring a cleaner once a week, and going on mini-shopping sprees

… and loading up a trust fund that could cover Harvard Medical School, checking in on your healthy stock portfolio while sipping mocktails on your month long vacay, multiple investment properties for your kids to inherit, and creating generational wealth beyond what your grandparents could have ever imagined?


    If you guessed…

    X Having parents that would put Richie Rich to shame… you’d be wrong

    X Having old college transcripts with A+s in calculus, economics, and statistics… you’d be wrong

    X Having Kardashian-level business success… you’d be wrong, babe

      You see, the truth is, having wealthy parents, being a total “numbers-brain,” or your business bringing in big bags of money, won’t pave the way to building wealth that will last for generations.

      Here’s what you need to know about building and stewarding wealth in 2022 and beyond without feeling like a greedy selfish b*tch:


      If you grew up hearing Muffy snub Francine over our morning cereal, watching Scrooge hoard all his cash in absolute misery every December, and feeling your parent’s anger when “that selfish jerk with the Ferrari” cut you off on your way to school, it’s no wonder our brains love shouting…

      Money makes you greedy

      Coaches aren’t really spiritual if they walk around with a Louis Vuitton purse

      It’s unethical to run a business and have THAT much money – what do they even need it for?

      The only way to be rich is if you inherit or you’re some scammer


      Tell that to the 88% of Millionaires* in the US who are Self-Made Entrepreneurs


      The truth is wealth doesn’t make you less spiritual – WEALTH IS SPIRITUAL

      You are worthy 

      While you started your business because you’re passionate about helping people and making a difference in the world… 

      No one ever really taught you about taxes, estates, the stock market, or trusts

      (if you did hear about it, it was “only for those rich snobs who never work yet buy a new Mercedes ever week”)

      The thing is, you’re brilliant, you know you can figure it all out

      And you’ve also realized that you’re ready for the support + get there even faster

      Which is why you need a system that’s focused on what’s going on beneath the surface + supports you in catapulting forward,

      guided by someone who understands the energetic and subconscious layers of building lasting wealth.

       The 7 Figure Wealth Accelerator (7FWA) 1:1 private coaching is precisely that

      A 12-week program guiding 6+ figure coaches to turn business profit into personal 7 figure generational wealth using the Prosper Process:



      After your 12 weeks in the 7 Figure Wealth Accelerator private 1:1 program, you’ll:

      → confidently steward an abundance of wealth from a place of ease + alignment

      → have a healthy stock portfolio that continues to grow effortlessly

      → have aligned financial accounts open for your kid(s)

      → build lasting wealth while spending extravagantly on your joys

      → embody and normalize the mindset + habits of the 7FW-you

      → have established wealth building habits that feel so effortless and joyful

      → confidently know that you’re modeling + instilling positive money mindset and skills to your family



      P – Prepare + expand your energetic threshold for abundance

      R – Rewire your foundational wealth + money paradigms

      O – Own + commit to building generational wealth

      S – Step into your stewardship of wealth with confidence

      P – Powerfully rewire your identity for sustainable success

      E – Embody, upgrade + lock in your new level of wealth

      R – Release previous financial choices + energetic money cycles


      How we’re gonna get there (what’s included):

      • Nine private transformational coaching calls where you’ll be fully supported so you can build and manage multi-generational wealth 

      • Voxer access so you can progress at a faster pace and reach your goals quicker

      • 1 Personalized Million Dollar Hypnosis so you can consistently get into the vibration of your desired income and embody 7FW you ($1,111 value)


      ✔️ Ready to transfer those bomb business skills over to building wealth

      ✔️ Believes in the energetics and manifestation

      ✔️ Ready to make choices for her future self

      ✔️ Ready to go from holding money to building generational wealth

      ✔️ As the time to dedicate to coaching calls and doing the work

      ✔️ Someone who knows that there is no failure, only feedback 



      X Just looking for financial strategy

      X Not interested in putting in the energetic work

      X Just wants to make more money

      X Someone focused solely on living it up in the now and not leaving a legacy of wealth

      X Someone looking for a get-rich-quick strategy

      X Someone expecting perfection on day 1

      Imagine taking your extended family on an annual all-paid vacay knowing that you’re still making bank even while you sip cocktails by the beach 


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