On our way back from Thanksgiving with my parents, we decided to stop by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (previously known as the Wild Animal Park). This was the first time I had been there since I was a child, and now I have my own little girl to bring along! I thought I would share some tips for mamas out there on how to bring your little one to the Safari Park.

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1. Breastfeeding

We actually forgot the bottle I had pumped at home, luckily there were a lot of benches where it was convenient to nurse my little girl. Some benches were just off the main path so there weren’t too many passers-by, and they were in the shade, a definite plus even if you aren’t nursing!

My little one is not a fan of nursing covers, but we were able to find benches in the corner. I just put the jogger in front of me, and my husband would sit by my side to give a bit more privacy. Check out my post on tips for breastfeeding in public.

2. Snacks and Water

As is expected, purchasing food and drinks inside the park can get expensive fast. Luckily you are allowed to bring in your own food and drinks (click here for prohibited items)! We brought in two reusable water bottles to refill and a Yeti tumbler filled with water and some ice cubes. This tumbler kept the water cool all day!

3. Jogger

This park is extremely stroller friendly. Almost everywhere was accessible, and areas that were not had convenient stroller parking close by. You also do not want to be carrying your diaper bag, snacks, etc. around all day, we found our jogger’s extra-large storage incredibly useful!

4. Plan Your Day

Not only do you want to check out the park map to find best routes and figure out which exhibits are a must go, but I recommend paying attention to show times. Shows are popular and people will start grabbing the best seats about an hour in advance, so if you want to get a good view, prepare to entertain your little one for a while before the show.

One great thing about the crowd at shows, it means the popular exhibits are not occupied! We use the show times to sneak off to get some great pictures or to just enjoy the view.

5. Keep Clothing Comfortable and Layered

San Diego is known for its weather! It can get hot, but when the sun starts to go down, it can get a bit chilly. Bring layers, especially for your little ones. I wish we had brought some PJs to change her into when it cooled down before closing (and for the drive home).

Since the Safari Park is huge, and you can easily spend all day there, make sure your family is wearing something comfortable and that you wear good shoes for walking. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

6. African Tram

Safari Park, African Tran, Family Trip

When those little legs (or maybe your legs!) start to get tired, head over to the African Tram which is included with 1-Day Pass! You will get a great view of the plains and observe the animals in wide open, naturalistic habitats. All while you sit in the shade for a 30-minute trip.

What are your favorite tips for taking the little ones out on a day trip? Anything we should check for next time we go? Let us know down in the comments!

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