Let’s get comfortable tooting our own horn!



Today we are joined by Janet Kafadar who helps WoC coaches get visible with their businesses and get paid for their work. I love hearing all of her wisdom and being able to dig deep with her into visibility fears that come up, and even when they circle back around when you’ve been in business for longer.


In this episode you’ll learn:

→ what visibility fears can actually look like and how they sound (they can be pretty sneaky)

→ the truth about where visibility fears stem from

→ the difference between authenticity and visibility

→ how to stand in your own truth


Questions answered:

→ why do I even struggle to be visible?

→ how do you know when you have a visibility fear?

→ what can I do when I notice these visibility fears coming up?


Stay connected with Janet:

her podcast: The Truth About Show

→ her free visibility training: janetkafadar.com/visible

→ her website: janetkafadar.com


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