Today I am so excited to welcome you to this conversation with Theresa Pride, also known as the Soul Doctor, who combines physical and quantum healing.


In this episode you’ll learn:

→ Healing the body from the mind, and the mind from the body

→ Aligning our energy with the moon phases to encounter the least amount of resistance with this flow

→ optimize time/energy management from a holistic view


Questions I answer:

→ what are quantum energy and healing?

→ what can we actually do to heal our mind and body?

→ what actually is breathwork, what’s the benefit, and how can I do it?


Links/ Resources:

Join Theresa’s Facebook group here

Learn more about Theresa’s Moon Support Circle

Learn more about Theresa Pride & working with her here

→ email Theresa at

Join the 4-day Limitless Mindset Challenge

Visit the website

→ Questions? email me at

Check out this episode!

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