Tired of reading lists about the morning routines of incredibly successful entrepreneurs and feel like your mamapreneur morning routine could never measure up? I know I am ?

There isn’t anything wrong with these lists, in fact I think they are great for many entrepreneurs. The thing is, as mamapreneurs our perspective & focus is fundamentally different. It says so right there in the name.

We are mamapreneurs, and that mama part comes first for many of us. My number one focus every day is creating a meaningful, respectful environment for my daughter first. This is actually the reason I became a mamapreneur in the first place! So when do I work? During nap times & after bedtime.

Even though I don’t actively focus on work while my little is awake, I have noticed that the things we do in the morning have a HUGE impact on how productive I am when I do get those blocks of time to crush my goals.

Below are the 5 biggest things you can do to improve your mamapreneur morning routine, without touching your phone or going on a 5-mile run.

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1. Let in the Light

The first things killing your mamapreneur morning routine? Trying to get an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning. 

Even though it can be so tempting because your little one kept you up last night, always try to start the day off right & get out of bed when you first wake up. Hitting the snooze button & drifting back to sleep is actually scientifically proven to make you feel more tired than if you had just gotten up in the first place.

The best thing to do to get your mind to wake up if you have had a hard night with your little ones, is turning on the lights, or better yet opening the blinds to let in some natural light. This light will help to adjust your internal clock that may be a little out of whack.

2. Don’t Rush It

Little did I know when I became a mama, that now even getting a drink of water could turn into a two person task that could take 5 minutes. My daughter loves to be involved and independent (as much as that is possible for a 12 month old anyway.) So what does that mean? It means we take it ssssslllllllooooooooowwwwwww some times.

Not only does my daughter enjoy having the freedom and opportunity to do things herself, or more likely, learn a lot of ways to not do something, but it also gives me a moment to take a step back and watch this little person I created as she is growing and ever changing.

There is nothing more motivating that watching a little one learning to do something by failing over & over & over, but still trying 10, 15, 20 minutes later. If they can be that determined, so can we!

3. Get Moving

Yes, I know that you expected exercise to make the list, but hold up. I don’t mean to hit the gym, or do roof-top yoga at sunrise (although those are awesome!) I am talking about just getting out and enjoying the fresh air with your littles. This will help you refocus, & it will help your littles get some energy out before nap time!

With my daughter right now, we take a walk around the neighborhood, go to the park to explore a bit, & sometimes grab a coffee for me on our way back in just before nap time as a treat while I work. Often times during our walks, I will listen to some motivational or small biz books on Audible to get a jump start on my work day.

4. Know Your Goals

One of the biggest changes I had to make was how I started to work once my daughter was napping. Many times I would unlock my phone to social media notifications & get sucked in. Or I would crack open my laptop and work on the first thing that came to mind. Worse yet, I would find the shortest task on my to-do list and knock it out.

All of these things, while they were technically doing something for my biz, were very low priority tasks. I just never realized it. I thought, great, I will knock these out, I am busy & getting work done. But the truth was, it was much more like going in circles, and just spinning my wheels, more than actually getting anywhere.

The major turning point, was when I started to look long-term. To set my big goals, and figure out what I need to do each day to make strides toward where I want to be.

5. Do Something for You

For me, this is as simple as getting myself a coffee to drink while I work. It could mean taking 5 minutes to meditate each morning, or sitting down to eat a breakfast you love. Whatever it is, make sure it is something small, that you can manage on a regular basis, & something that is truly meaningful to you.

It can be so easy to get burnt out as a mamapreneur because we hustle full-time, raise our little ones full-time, and are at least 50% responsible for the household work. That’s a lot!

What will you be adding to your mamapreneur morning routine?

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