The first few weeks with Rachel at home, it was easy to lose sight of everything other than my adorable newborn who was constantly demanding attention! One of the biggest lessons I learned was to take time in the morning to establish a routine for MYSELF. It helped me to really feel like my own person, instead of staying in PJs all day and living only to serve my daughter. Being a mama is the most rewarding aspect of my life, but it is so easy to lose track of yourself. For the benefit of everyone in my family, I take some time for myself every morning, and here are a few reasons why you should too!

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1. Each day is a new beginning

The first two weeks after Rachel was born felt like one giant, long, endless day. I felt like there was no end in sight! Once I started taking time in the morning for myself, it made the day more manageable. I knew there was an end in sight, and I was able to take a short break and just focus on what would make me happy.

2. Set yourself up for the entire day

Part of my mourning routine is to throw all the dirty clothes (and towels, burp cloths, mattress pads, etc.) into the washing machine and start it running before I get into the shower. At the very end of my routine, they are ready for the dryer. If I don’t do it with my routine, it probably won’t even happen!

Taking this time for yourself also gives you the opportunity to get ready for the day without rushing. You will have time to choose an outfit that makes you feel good, take a shower without rushing, really get into that skin care routine you have been meaning to start, maybe you really miss putting on makeup in the mornings, no matter what it is, you are able to consider what you want to do, without being rushed by an unhappy baby, or a little one who really wants to play.

3. Give your little one a chance to bond with your partner

Because I have a routine to get ready in the morning, my husband takes care of Rachel and gives her a bottle of breastmilk I expressed the morning before. Without my routine, they would not spend as much one-on-one time to get to know each other. Rachel actually loves this part of the day, every morning she expects her daddy to spend time with her and play with her. When we travel and our routines have to be adjusted a little bit, she still makes it clear she wants to spend time with him in the mornings.

4. Give yourself a moment to catch up on the chores

I know this may not be what you think of when you hear “take time for yourself” but for me, if I cannot finish the chores that were supposed to be done the day before, it really gets to me. This time allows me to finish any chores that my daughter did not give me the chance to do the prior day, such as unload the dishwasher, put away the clean clothes, wash the sheets, etc.

When chores build up it can make getting thru the day more difficult because I would try to cram them in during nap times and get frustrated if Rachel woke up early, or if I wasn’t able to get to everything. Now I know whatever isn’t finished, I can do the next morning without interruption!

5.Make yourself and your family happy

When you take time to focus on something for yourself each morning, it will change your mood. You will have a new sense of calm. Things that may have upset or frustrated you before won’t seem quite as serious. Taking time for yourself gives you a little perspective, which will create a happier and more calm family life.

What do you make time for in the mornings? Do you have reasons I missed? Please write it in the comments!

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