Do you dread spending money on something you will only use for a few months during your pregnancy? I know I did! I shopped at second-hand stores for maternity wear and newborn clothes to avoid breaking our budget. As much as I try to buy second-hand when I can, there are some items that are worth spending a bit more on. Especially if they can help you not only during pregnancy but through your little one’s first year!

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The Best Alternative to Maternity Shirts!

Never want to buy a “maternity shirt?” Trust me, I am right there with you! That’s why I’m so glad I found these belly bandsThese bands have a small elastic strip near the bottom to keep the band from sliding up or moving around. They are also made out of stretchy material to easily stay on top of that growing baby bump. I used them throughout my pregnancy, and even under larger tops once my third-trimester bump really started to pop, without any issues. They honestly stayed put no matter what!

After my daughter was born I was ready to pack these bad boys up for the next pregnancy. Until one day, after struggling to find a good nursing cami, the idea hit me- I already have something that covers my tummy! Once I started using the belly bands for nursing I never looked back! I love using them to stay covered during feedings when we are out and about.

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The One Thing You MUST Take Everyday

I have always been horrible at taking vitamins. I guess I struggled with making it part of my routine. When we found out we were expecting, vitamins were priority number one! I even made the hubby responsible for giving me one every night because I am honestly that bad at remembering.

Ideally, you should be taking prenatal vitamins for at least one month before getting pregnant. Whoops! After much research, I found that these prenatal vitamins have the good stuff!

At the end of my pregnancy, I was looking forward to not being woken up by my hubby to take these darn important vitamins that I would forget. And that’s when our pediatrician told us how important it was to keep taking them after my pregnancy. Just my luck!

When you breastfeed, you share all of your nutrients with your baby. The vitamins that help your little one while they are in your tummy, will continue to help them while breastfeeding! So I guess I will keep getting woken up each night…

Get the Right Support

While you are pregnant, your whole body will go thru changes of one sort or another. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, trust me- it’s coming, and you will need better support! If you plan ahead, you will only need to buy new bras once and they will last! I made the mistake of not thinking ahead, and after my daughter was born there was no way I could continue with the same size nursing bra.

Did you know wearing a bra that is too tight can actually lower your milk supply?! That was a big no-no for me, so I purchased this awesome nursing bra set and have never looked back. Honestly, these are the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. I wish I had ordered them during my pregnancy! They also have a removable pad inset which is great for keeping leaks under wraps!

*Glug, Glug, Glug*

I don’t know about you, but I normally drink a lot of water. So when I got pregnant, I needed even more in my system! I wanted the biggest bottle possible that was easy to carry, as I was still running around while working fulltime. Let me tell you, these did not disappoint! They even have a loop which makes them super easy to carry with one finger when your hands are full with all of your work supplies, and later your adorable baby and diaper bag!

I thought I drank a lot during pregnancy, little did I know nursing my daughter would have me drinking so much more! I literally bought an extra bottle to always have a backup in case of emergency. The most difficult part? Having the thirst hit you when you are mid-nursing! Luckily these bottles have a snap-open top which can be opened with one hand, and I don’t have to tell you how great that is for nursing.

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How to Eat Healthy at Home, Without Cooking!

The best thing my husband and I did to prepare for our daughter’s arrival was getting this multi-cooker and making freezer meals! I cannot explain how thankful I am that we made these ahead of time. Without freezer meals, we probably would have gone hungry the first few weeks!

My only regret is not doing this sooner. I remember coming home from a long day at work at 8 months pregnant and dreading the thought that I still had to prepare dinner. With the multi-cooker we have so much more freedom now, I just have to remember to throw everything in and turn it on!

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What are some items that you used while pregnant and still find helpful during your little one’s first year?


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