The most rewarding & most difficult thing I have ever done is take care of my daughter full-time from day one while starting a new biz from home! Since it is about to be the anniversary of founding my biz, I thought I would share what I have learned.

For the month of October, I will be covering different topics about productivity for mamapreneurs. My daughter is a wild one, so I have learned a lot about how to be productive in the very short naptimes and free times after she goes to bed!

Each day throughout October, come back to see the latest topic posted on this page. You can also subscribe to the weekly newsletter to get a reminder at the end of the week.

Some of the topics I will be covering include:

  • Time batching for complete beginners
  • How to stop multitasking (& actually get more done)
  • How to set boundaries
  • Finding the work-life balance that’s best for your family
  • How to set goals that will make your biz grow
  • And many more…

31 Days of Productivity Tips for Mamapreneurs

Day 1: How to Start Time Batching as a Mamapreneur

Day 2: 
How to Make the Best Use of Nap Time for Your Biz

Day 3: 
5 Things Successful Mamapreneurs Do in the Mornings

Day 4: 
Why Time Batching is the New Time Blocking

Day 5: 
How To Stop Multitasking And Actually Get Things Done

Day 6: 
How to Keep Strong Family Boundaries as a Mamapreneur

Day 7: 
22 Beautiful Desk Supplies That Will Help You Get Organized

Day 8: 
Why Every Mamapreneur Needs a Brain Dump & How To Do It

Day 9:
10 Tips on How to Plan Your Day as a Mamapreneur

Day 10: 
How to Improve Your Focus as a Mamapreneur

Day 11: 
How to Set Your Desk Up for Success as a Mamapreneur

Day 12: 
How to Go from Stressed to Refreshed as a Mamapreneur

Day 13: 
Why You Need to Give Yourself Permission… to Fail

Day 14: 
How to Dream Up Your Ultimate “I’ve Made It” Biz

Day 15: 
How To Make The Most Out Of Your Day As A Mamapreneur With Goals

Day 16: 
How to Create Better Daily Goals to Boost Your Biz

Day 17: 
Are You Suffering From This Hidden Productivity Killer?

Day 18: 
The One Thing That Will Make You Instantly More Productive

Day 19: 
5 Things That Are Killing Your Productivity & How To Avoid Them

Day 20: 
How to Use Pairing to Hack Your Life as a Mamapreneur

Day 21: 
How to Quickly Overcome Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

Day 22: 
30 Powerful Quotes to Get You Motivated & Inspired

Day 23: 
How to Stop Wasting Time & Work on Tasks that Really Matter

Day 24: 
5 Reasons To Do Lists Suck & The Best Thing To Do About It

Day 25: 
How to Easily Prioritize Your Work & Life as a Mamapreneur

Day 26: How Every Mamapreneur Should End Their Day to Be Successful

Day 27: How To Battle Squirrel Moments As A Mamapreneur

Day 28: 15 Mamapreneurs Share How To Stay Motivated & Productive

Day 29: 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Successful At The End Of The Day

Day 30: 5 Ways to Get Motivated Right Now When You Just Wanna Chill

Day 31: The Best Way To Determine If Something Is Worth Your Time

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