Tired of a cluttered desk that does anything but inspire you? The best way to kick that rut we all experience from time to time, is to get organized and create a beautiful, inviting, & inspiring work place!

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The Little Stuff


I love me some Post-its! I know what you’re thinking: those packs of harsh colors where you can only use one color at a time? I totally feel that, until I found this pack that is ?

Post-it Holder

While you’re at it, why not get a cute holder to keep your post-its ready?


Once I started using the Goal Crusher I immediately realized how much time I wasted doing things that didn’t make a big impact on my biz. This planner brings so much clarity to my day-to-day. It also keeps me focused instead of hopping between low-value tasks never getting much actually done.


I use these binders every day, and they are definitely up for the task. Before my binders needed to be replaced every 6 months or so, but these are still going strong.

Binder Dividers

I love these binder dividers to keep everything organized. They are beautiful & I love that they are erasable so I can use them over and over.


Using these colorful pens can bring life & creativity back into your work.

Or if you need a cute pen in black, you gotta snag one of these.


I’ll bet you never thought paper clips could be so beautiful!

Binder Clips

These tiny binder clips are perfect for organizing a few notes, keeping documents together, or anything else you need.


Ready to level up your folders?

And if you’re obsessed with hanging files like me, these are assorted light colors to brighten up the desk my fave.

Desk Pad

Wondering how the heck a desk pad made it to the list? Hear me out. Using a desk pad can actually help you divide your desk visually between your ‘work-space’ & your ‘storage-space.’ Never have a desk full of clutter you are “going to get to” again.

Organizer Set

Wish there was a desk organizer set with all the basics? Here ya go!

Or if you want a few that match, but don’t want somethin’ you aren’t gonna use, I got you.

The Big Stuff


I love the simple & clean vibe of this desk. The best part – super quick assembly!


The most important part to actually getting work done? Sitting comfortably of course.

File Cabinet

I have had my eye on this lockable file cabinet for quite some time now & I cannot wait to get it.


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