Are you ready to become the person who achieves your wildest goals?

Are you ready for…

  • Freedom to boldly pursue your life’s purpose without having doubt and fear backseat as backseat drivers
  • Achieve your wildest goals in life and business
  • Peace of mind that your new “sky’s the limit” mindset is locked in and this isn’t just a phase
  • Finally feeling ease in your business
  • Saying goodbye to those sabotaging beliefs that’ve been holding you back once and for all
  • The excitement & anticipation that comes with your new limitless mindset
  • Confidence in knowing who you truly are at a soul-level, underneath all that programming

Let’s talk about getting your subconscious mind onboard with your wildest business goals.

I came to Kai to work on my self sabotaging beliefs. She guided me with compassion and care to a deeper rooted belief I didn’t fully understand or knew existed.

Kai patiently showed me how to work through my limiting beliefs and gave me tools that I could use. I noticed a shift with this belief in such a short time period and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work through it.

I highly recommend Kai, such an impact and a pleasure to work with.

Nikki Ahow

Life Coach & Business Coach

Let’s work together using my 3r method to…



Recognize and uncover what’s truly going on in your subconscious mind that’s stopping you so you can manifest and achieve your limitless goals and the life you desire.


Release what’s been holding you back and rewire your subconscious mind so that you can reach success with ease, because it’s just who you are.


Find your unique key to ensure that this elevated + limitless mindset becomes your new daily normal, so you can take aligned action with ease.

Who I am & What I do

Hey, I’m Kai – Your mindset and logical manifestation bestie.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve your wildest goals in business, like being so booked out with premium clients that your google calendar is screaming for mercy, while always feeling at ease and excited?


A limitless mindset is inevitable when you understand three things…

  1. RECOGNIZE what’s truly going on at the subconscious level
  2. REWIRE your subconscious so instinctively think as limitless-you
  3. RECEIVE this limitless mindset as your new daily normal so you can take aligned action with ease


Guiding women entrepreneurs through these three pillars is what I’m passionate about but I also LOOVVVVE doing yoga, playing with my daughter, and watching wild animals roam through our backyard (we’re talking coyotes, great blue herons, bobcats, and beyond).


Currently I work with clients in 2 ways, one-off Higher Self Hypnosis sessions and 1:1 coaching. Are you ready to become limitless and achieve success with ease? Then I invite you to schedule a call. ❤️



Imagine waking up & just knowing that everything you need to be successful is already within you.

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