Are you ready to

turn your

client list

into a

retention + referral


Are you ready for…

  • Freedom to boldly pursue your life’s purpose without having to become a systems-expert
  • A reputation of excellence in everything you do
  • Peace of mind that your tech is doing the heavy lifting for you
  • Referrals upon referrals because the experience is that good
  • A client experience that sets you apart from everyone else in your industry
  • The excitement & anticipation that comes with serving your next clients knowing that you are free to focus on what you enjoy most
  • Confidence that your clients are getting a high-class, on-brand onboarding experience on autopilot

Let’s talk about how You can

Delight your soulmate clients.

“The biggest surprise and most magical piece of working with Kai was how detail-oriented she is. I had my team build a few new funnels and Kai went in and tested them and came back with a video of all the pieces that were missing, weren’t clicking, etc. testing every aspect of the funnel as a potential client and because she is so detail-oriented, she was looking at things that we didn’t even notice and so she saved us so many headaches because of her willingness to go above and beyond!”

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Janelle Lara

The Part-Time CEO, janellelara.com

Let’s work together to…

Turn your business into a referral machine by creating a mind-blowing experience that your clients can’t stop raving about.

Craft an experience that set you apart from everyone else in your industry.

(your reputation = excellence)

Make your clients feel like you have gone above & beyond at every step of their journey.

Who I am & What I do

Before starting my business in 2017, I was pursuing a job in corporate based upon my love for business psychology and obsession with systems.

(spoiler – my obsession with psychology & systems are exactly what make me so good at what I do)

Now, instead of helping a giant corporation that just wanted results at any cost, I help high achieving women who are passionate about pursuing their life’s purpose & making positive change, to create a marvelous, world-class experience for their clients.

I geek out over client delight & systems, so you don’t have to.

I take your ideal, dream client experience & reverse engineer it, then I build out a custom CRM for you that can be flawlessly integrated into your business. 

My reputation depends upon your clients loving what I build ❤️



Imagine waking up & you’ve got this incredible back-end system where clients feel so nurtured

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