Are you ready to turn your business revenue into generational wealth?

Are you ready for…

  • Freedom to boldly pursue the luxury you truly desire (wether it’s luxury cars or building a homestead)
  • Taking your extended family on an annual all-paid vacay knowing that you’re still making bank even while you sip cocktails by the beach


  • Sending your kids to the best private school in the area AND maxing out their trust fund
  • Creating generational wealth beyond what your grandparents could have ever imagined

  • Giving back generously and freely because you know generational wealth includes the world they inherit 🌍

Let’s get your energetics + mindset onboard with building multi-generational wealth.

I came to Kai to work on my self sabotaging beliefs. She guided me with compassion and care to a deeper rooted belief I didn’t fully understand or knew existed.

Kai patiently showed me how to work through my limiting beliefs and gave me tools that I could use. I noticed a shift with this belief in such a short time period and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work through it.

I highly recommend Kai, such an impact and a pleasure to work with.

Nikki Ahow

Life Coach & Business Coach

Working with Kai gave me such a breakthrough! First in identifying what was really my limiting belief (it wasn’t what I thought) and realizing that’s why I’ve struggled in the past to grow.

And being guided through releasing that limiting belief has made such an impact and I’ve already raised my prices and I feel great about it!

I’ve realized how much I truly do have to offer in my business.

I truly enjoy working with Kai, she is so helpful.

Nicole VanTassel

Owner of iExploreScience

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